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‘Ted Lasso’: ‘Beard After Hours’ Was Not Originally Part of the Plan for Season 2

Ted Lasso‘s ninth episode of season 2 — “Beard After Hours” — was an episode unlike any other. Fans finally got a peek at one of Coach Beard’s (Brendan Hunt) crazy adventures, which took place during an all-night odyssey through London after AFC Richmond’s brutal loss to Manchester City.

The assistant coach’s evening featured sneaking into an elite club populated by British scholars, switching out his pants at a seductress’ flat, getting chased by her menacing boyfriend, and making a death-defying jump.

There was also a scuffle with Jamie Tartt‘s dad and his crew, as well as some dancing and epic hula-hooping at a rave. It was a crazy night, but this unique bottle episode was not supposed to be a part of season 2.

This ‘Ted Lasso’ episode was influenced by Martin Scorsese’s ‘After Hours’

Fans immediately noticed that “Beard After Hours” was an aesthetic departure from a regular Ted Lasso episode. At times, the episode felt like a movie. According to Hunt, that’s because it drew upon Martin Scorsese’s film After Hours in “a lot of different ways.”

“Jason [Sudeikis] originally had said it should be shot on an iPhone,” Hunt told TVLine. “But what he really meant was it should be handheld and should feel intimate and up-close in a way that the show isn’t really. The idea of making it look different from other episodes was always part of the package.”

‘Beard After Hours’ was not originally part of ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

Beard’s bizarre night out was a unique Ted Lasso episode, and Hunt said it wasn’t even part of the plan for season 2. He explained that when they were putting the season together, the original order from Apple TV+ was for 10 episodes.

When they start the writing process for a season, the writers pitch a bunch of ideas. About 20 of those ideas are good ones, and then they whittle those down to the top 10. Hunt revealed that “Beard After Hours” was not part of the final 10, but then Apple changed its episode order.

“We were starting to write the scripts as season 1 was being released, and Apple was so enthusiastic,” Hunt recalled. “They said, ‘First of all, you’re picked up for season 2. And second, could you do two more episodes in season 2?’ So we went back to the discard pile and everybody picked their favorites. In the end, Jason Sudeikis had the final say and he said, ‘All right. We’re going to do a Christmas episode, and we’re going to do Beard After Hours.’”

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