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Supernatural: 5 Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes. Part I

Plot holes like the Winchesters’ endless resources and Castiel’s powers have confounded Supernatural fans, but the answers have always been there.

Castiel’s Weak Nature In Later Seasons

Castiel started off with cosmic powers, capable of sending people back in time and altering reality. However, he was weaker in later seasons despite the fact that he’d become a Seraph after having been a normal angel beforehand. While many have been stumped over this, the answer is actually part of the overarching plotline.

Castiel’s abilities were weakened because of the fall of the angels in the Season 8 finale. The reason why the likes of Lucifer and Michael appear to still be powerful is due to their status as Archangels. Castiel retained his angelic nature but couldn’t complete feats like teleportation or super strength since Metatron’s spell was permanent.

Dean & Sam’s Superhuman Healing

This is considered to be a major plot hole that Supernatural fans choose to ignore, but its answer was hidden within a Season 15 episode. Sam and Dean learned that Chuck had been providing them with immunity all their lives because watching the duo deal with normal human problems was boring to him.

Chuck ultimately included Sam and Dean’s injuries as part of his immunity, meaning the brothers’ healing was just because God allowed it. The final episode actually played into this aspect, as Dean met his death after Chuck was no longer God, ergo he no longer had any way to survive.

Lucifer’s Ability To Kill The New Death

There’s little doubt that Lucifer is around the top in the list of Supernatural’s best villains, and he was certainly among the strongest. Still, it didn’t make sense for most how he could kill Death herself, as the Reaper who took up the position should have been more powerful.

The answer to this plothole lies in Lucifer’s dialogue, where he revealed that Chuck had revived him from the Empty. Chuck had actually empowered Lucifer with some of his powers, which enabled the latter to kill Death using the enhanced abilities he was provided with.

The Five Beings That The Colt Didn’t Work On

The Colt was meant to be the ace up the heroes’ sleeve, as they believed it could kill anything. While the gun certainly lived up to its reputation in early seasons, it couldn’t kill Lucifer; he claimed he was one of five beings the gun was powerless against.

Fans think of this as a plot hole since the Colt was supposed to be unbeatable, but the truth is that Samuel Colt, the creator of the gun, never came across Archangels. As it is, Colt only fashioned the weapon after beings he was aware of, which means the five things immune to the gun weren’t designed to be harmed.

The Lack Of Damage Caused By Lucifer & Dean/Michael’s Fight

The final battle in the Season 14 finale is among the things that have aged badly with Dean in Supernatural, mainly due to how lackluster it was. Dean allowed Alternate Michael to possess his body, following which he battled against Lucifer.

The flaw should be that the fight between Lucifer and Michael was meant to destroy the world, but nothing really happened. The answer to this is that Michael was never in control of the fight, as Dean was the one in charge. Michael only imbued his abilities into Dean, meaning the battle was against Dean and Lucifer, not Michael.

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