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Stranger Things Steve Harringtons Best Moments So Far

You gotta love that hair.

When it comes to certain characters from Stranger Things that I’ve grown to love, there are a good amount of great moments that come to mind. Several, of course, involve the amazing Eleven, with all her badassery and best moments, but another character that I have a place for in my heart is the one, the only Steve Harrington.Yes, the perfect example of a bad boy turned good Steve Harrington is one of those characters that is truly hard not to like by the end of Season 3. Through good and bad times, Steve Harrington has had some hilarious, badass, and awesome moments. Let’s take a look back at some of his best moments so far, before Stranger Things Season 4 comes out.

Steve Stands Up For Jonathan Season 1, Episode 6
In the sixth episode of Season 1 of Stranger Things, Steve and Jonathan get into a fight about Nancy ending up with Steve getting a pretty big shiner on his eye from a punch Jonathan landed on him. But, instead of continuing to belittle him with his friends after their encounter, Steve instead stands up for Jonathan when they are insulting him, saying that they’re the real assholes.I personally believe this was one of the first moments we saw where Steve isn’t just some pretty boy with a bit of an ego. He actually realizes how much of a dick he’s been and sees how awful his friends can be, and decides that he wants to be better than that.

Steve Vs. Demogorgon Plus Nancy And Jonathan Season 1, Episode 8
I mean, every monster in Stranger Things is also terrifying to look at, but there’s something about the demogorgon in Season 1 that always makes me shiver. Which is why this scene of Steve, Nancy and Jonathan fighting the monster in the Byers’ home will always stand out to me.I’m always going to love this scene, just because Steve goes full on Negan from The Walking Dead and beats this demogorgon to the best of his ability while trying to lure it towards the trap that would hopefully kill it. Plus, it’s always amazing to see these three work together.

When Steve Gives Dustin Advice And Reveals The Secret To His Hair Season 2, Episode 6
While out trying to lure back Dustin’s pet turned-monster in Season 2 of Stranger Things Dustin and Steve have a heart to heart about trying to get girls, a real “big brother” talk where Steve tries to convey to Dustin how it feels to be with a girl. In my opinion, I think this is where everyone started to fall in love with Steve. Him being so open with Dustin about how he feels he gets girls, while also trying to warn him about the consequences of young love. And, to top it all off telling him exactly how he does his hair, including the Farrah Fawcett spray and then telling him he’s dead meat if he tells anyone perfect way to cap off that conversation and start a new friendship.

And When Steve Becomes Babysitter Extraordinaire Season 2, Episode 9
In the season finale of Season 2 of Stranger Things, Steve is helping the gang try and stop the monsters from killing everyone in Hawkins, often hiding out with them, taking out some monsters, and everything else that is needed to attempt to keep people safe.This whole episode is just Steve being a mom to these kids while also trying to act badass, and it’s hilarious. From comical quotes like You want some that he yells to one of the monsters from the Upside Down to attempting to stop the kids from using a crazy plan because he’s trying to look out for them, saying Yeah and then we all die Steve is just in full on babysitter mode in this episode.


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