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Simpsons House Estimated To Be Worth $450,000 If It Was Real

A recent posting has found the current hypothetical worth of The Simpsons house. Created by Matt Groaning the long running animate series made its debut on Fox way back in 1989 and has shown no signs of stopping. The series follows The Simpson family Homer Marge Bart Lisa and Maggie and their adventures in the town of Springfield state not undisclosed. Currently in season 33 The Simpsons is the longest running animated series scripted prime time series and American sitcom. While it has faced its share of criticisms and it has removed some of its content around the world The Simpsons is here to stay for a long time.

The Simpsons have become a mainstay in pop culture history. Celebrity guest stars like Lawrence Tierney and Albert Brooks have become a weekly mainstay for the series and the show is responsible for now-iconic phrases entering the American lexicon like Don’t have a cow and “Eat my shorts. The Simpsons has even created new words such as corpulent and embiggen that have been added to the dictionary. However despite the long running history the creators have left certain things about the series ambiguous such as the exact location of the family home town or Mr.Burns age.However one Simpsons mystery has been recently solved the price of The Simpsons house. Garrett Real Estate Group is a real estate agency located in Crest wood Kentucky. They listed the house as it might be found on any other real estate site and found that 742 Evergreen Terrace would be worth $449 900. Besides listing the price Garrett also provided a floor plan and comparable housing rates. Read how Garrett described the house below:

Beautiful two story home with basement. Through the arched front door you are welcomed into the foyer. To the left is a cozy sitting room with a bay window and to the right is the dining room that also features a nice bay window. Towards the back of the home is the living room and kitchen. The second story features four bedrooms A Master bedroom that offers a nice en suite bathroom. There is also an additional bathroom upstairs. The backyard is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge. Also a patio and a custom tree house.

The Simpsons family and pets
742 Evergreen Terrace is listed as having 4 beds 2.5 baths and 2200 Sq ft Garrett to a tee provided the floor plan for the first floor which includes the Living Room TV Room Dining Room Kitchen Laundry Garage and even a Rumpus Room. Outside of the house itself Garrett also shows the Springfield Community. Given that the rest of Springfield almost got a spin off series there is certainly plenty to do in Springfield which controversially is listed by the real estate site as being in Oregon.

The Simpsons popularity has only grown in spades since its debut in the 1980s and there is a charm to the series that other shows simply haven’t been able to properly replicate. While Homer may go on a wacky adventure with a pig or become a failed monorail conductor at its core The Simpsons is about an all American family and their all American struggles like school paying mortgages and struggles with work. Because it is animated it can exaggerate these struggles and audiences can relate to them while laughing at the nonsensical aspects of it. The Simpsons and the rest of Springfield challenges feel authentic and genuine despite how crazy the antics may be. Providing tidbits like house listings for the fictional town of Springfield allows for this sense of repeatability to go even deeper reminding viewers that just because they are yellow and 2D the Simpsons are still human characters who pay a mortgage just like so many of their fans.

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