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Riverdale: The 4 Best Mysteries From The Show. Part I

There were plenty of iconic mysteries and twists in Riverdale. But there were have only been a few storylines that proved to be big hits on Reddit.

The CW’s drama series Riverdale presents one or two new mysteries each season. And with Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica on the case, the mysteries never seem to last too long.

Where Is Polly?

A part of season 5’s larger plotline is Polly’s disappearance. After the show’s time jump, she moves back in with her mother and ends up getting mixed up with the Ghoulies as a working girl along the Lonely Highway. Unfortunately, this makes her an easy victim for a family of killers targeting young girls on the highway. Until the end of the season, no one knew that she winds up dead. Once Betty and Jughead track down the killers, fans were shocked to discover that Polly’s body was in the trunk of an abandoned car.

Being an on-and-off character in the show, Polly isn’t too well developed. Also, her lack of interactions with her sister makes her character unimportant to the audience and too unattached for fans to gain a liking. All of this adds up to her disappearance not really being cared for. The plotline is drawn out throughout the season, leading viewers to believe she’s still alive. However, her death is surprising and unsatisfying. Redditor Lurd67 emphasizes this, saying, “I hope that’s finally the end of that plotline because boy was it painful.”

Who Is The Auteur?

The Auteur comes into play during season 4, leaving a videotape at the Cooper’s doorstep. This tape shows footage of the Cooper household that was recorded for 6 hours. As the season went on, the videos then spread across town and go on to get more gruesome (reenacting some of Riverdale’s brutal murder scenes). After digging around for nearly two seasons, it’s revealed that Jellybean created the tapes to prevent Jughead from leaving Riverdale.

This reveal is probably one of the show’s biggest letdowns. The plot was promising, dark, and mischievous as many fans were curious as to see why this person wanted to expose their worst secrets. As Redditor heyoitsyaboii says, “It could have been such a good plot and villain if they had continued and intensify it, rather than having JB being the author just for preventing her brother from going to college.” Not only is Jellybean being the Auteur a disappointment, but the sudden conclusion to the lengthy mystery was also underwhelming.

Who Are The Mothmen?

The Mothmen are, at first, believed to be an extraterrestrial species of frightening humanoid creatures that took refuge along the Lonely Highway in Riverdale since the late 1970s. Directed to Old Man Dreyfus after believing he sees them, Jughead learns more about the so-called aliens. After some sleuthing, Betty and Jughead discover Old Man Dreyfus and his family are the Mothmen, acting as a cover-up to keep people from looking into the Lonely Highway disappearances.

Although the mystery is intriguing and unexpectedly solves two mysteries at once, it’s not presented very clearly. The alien encounters are especially vague. As Redditor -GreyWatcher- states, “The whole spaceship light in the sky that Jughead and other characters saw was not explained. Nor the whole things shaking and technology going crazy when it appeared.” Other Redditors agree that while the Mothmen receive an explanation, the rest of this plot is left open-ended.

Is Jughead Dead?

As part of some twisted Baxter Brothers tradition, DuPont orders the Stonies to commit the perfect murder of Jughead. However, after a failed attempt, they try to frame Betty for his death. Jughead devises a plan with the gang to fake his death and expose Stonewall Prep for numerous murders going decades back.

Many fans liked this mystery. The Stonewall Prep arc is intriguing, and Brett and Donna are relatively good antagonists. The only issue was that it was pretty obvious that Jughead isn’t dead based on the gang’s lack of emotion. As an anonymous Redditor says “The Who Killed Jughead actually had me for a minute, but the entire time I was like: “cmon. . .They’re not REALLY gonna kill Jughead.”

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