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Rick & Morty 10 Characters Who’ve Changed Drastically Over The Course Of The Series

Many Rick & Morty characters have gone through some major changes, some of which were not for the better.

If there’s one thing that’s true about Rick and Morty, it’s that everything is constantly in flux. This is the kind of show where virtually anything is possible. That includes the main characters literally abandoning their old reality in favor of a new one that has fewer Rosenberg wandering around. Over the course of five seasons, there have been more than a few upheavals in the lives of virtually every character on the series. Well except for Jerry. He’s still as Jerry as can be. But other characters have gone through some major changes some of which were not for the better.

10 Snowball’s Arc Was Quick & Drastic

Early in the series, the Smiths had a dog named Snuffles. Overflowing with an endless stream of bad ideas Jerry asked Rick to make Snuffles smarter and Rick surprisingly humored his much maligned son in law. Snuffles changed his name to Snowball and attempted to take over the world. He eventually realized the error of his ways and left to another dimension with his army. All of this went down in one episode but it was a huge change for the character.

9 Rick Is No Longer In Control

There are a lot of qualities that Rick has which make him insufferable to be around for long periods of time. His arrogance is a huge one as is his overall selfishness. But the worst quality of them all is the fact that the man is an unrepentant control freak. When fans first met Rick, he was in charge of pretty much every situation in any reality. But by the end of Season 5 he was at the whims of the universe just like everyone else. Being outwitted by a Morty was easily the lowest point of Rick’s life.

8 Morty Has Let Go Of His Hero Worship

Going on interdimensional adventures with a hyper-intelligent grandfather seems like an outstanding situation to be in. That’s certainly how Morty felt about teaming up with Rick. That was in the early days, though.It didn’t take long for the luster to wear off that whole scenario for Morty. He initially worshipped his grandfather and his phenomenal abilities. These days, Morty sees Rick for who he really is and longs to live a life that could be considered remotely normal.

7 Beth Has Stopped Craving Her Father’s Approval

Being Rick’s only child would have to be a double edged sword. Beth has obviously inherited at least a portion of her father’s great intelligence. Unfortunately, she can be equally acerbic and selfish at times. After being gone for many years, Rick returned to be part of his daughter’s life. Beth craved his attention for the longest time but has grown to realize that it is borderline worthless. She has learned to find her own self-worth in the life she has built for herself, with or without him around.

6 Jessica Has Become A Time Bending Deity

For the majority of the series, Morty has pined for a fellow high school student named Jessica. Morty has actually come close to finding some sort of relationship with Jessica. That may be impossible, now. As of Season 5, an interdimensional situation ended with her experiencing an extremely new way of looking at time and space. High school relationships no longer interest her.

5 Rick’s Car Became A Character

In the series’ first episode, fans were introduced to Rick, Morty, and the spaceship/car Rick had built from random trash. While it might not look like much, Rick’s custom space car is tricked out and incredibly powerful. It also turned out that the thing may also be sentient. The car doesn’t talk often, but that has increased over the years. It’s actually gotten to the point where the car has started to get its own stories, something that’s sure to grow in the future.

4 The President Went From Fanboy To Rival

When Rick and Morty first met the President of the United States, they were trying to write a hit song to save the world from aliens. It would certainly be fair to say that this adventure made the President a fan, as he started calling on the duo whenever possible. But their relationship soured and they became enemies. The President now acts like a spurned ex more than anything else when it comes to Rick, which is an awkward situation for Morty to navigate. They don’t have the most mature relationship.

3 Tammy Took Quite A Turn

Summer has a few high school friends, which used to include Tammy. She met Rick’s closest friend Birdperson at a house party that Rick and Summer were co hosting. Their torrid affair turned into a real romance and Tammy ended up marrying Birdperson. That’s when she revealed that she was an undercover agent from the Galactic Federation. She killed Birdperson and captured several of Rick’s friends. She kept managing to survive and return to torment the Smiths, though Rick did finally kill Tammy with Summer’s help.

2 Mr. Poopybutthole Has A Rough Life

Rick and Morty is known for having some odd character names, but Mr. Poopybutthole takes the proverbial cake. No one is really sure what the character is as it’s never been established if he’s an alien, some sort of mutant human entity, or something else entirely. He was a family friend whom Beth shot. Since then, Mr. Poopybutthole had a family of this own and got a good job as a university professor. He lost that job due to Rick, and has apparently also lost his family. The poor guy’s life just keeps getting increasingly bleak.

1 Birdperson Has Gone To Hell & Back

As is often the case, Rick’s selfishness drove a wedge between him and Birdperson that is unlikely to ever be bridged. This is a relationship that is more or less over.Birdperson was a revolutionary fighting the Galactic Federation with Rick. He was murdered by his wife, Tammy, then resurrected by her as a cyborg known as Phoenixperson. Rick has returned him to a relative normal since then, completing one of the most devastating arcs in the series.

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