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Locke & Key 10 Things Fans Want In Season 3 According To Redd it

The magical and thrilling series Locke & Key wrapped up its second season this fall and was one of the best new Netflix shows the weekend of its release. Because it was already previously renewed for a third, fans are buzzing with theories and opinions about the show.

With all of the drama and action that the second season brought as well as several loose ends there no telling what will go on in season 3. The show has at times veered away from its source material graphic novels so fans have logged onto Reddit to discuss what they want out of the third iteration of Locke & Key. A thought that many Reddit fans of the show have is that the show will only run for 3 seasons. As Redditor silromen42 said on a thread Netflix is notorious for only letting shows run for three seasons. Many fans don’t necessarily think that entirely a bad thing, however. Another Reddit user Muerte Dela Fiesta commented Honestly I’d rather just a few seasons. If you do 2 books season that three right there.In an effort to stay true to the source material this makes the most sense as veering away from the comics plot created many potholes that fans noticed in season 2.

More Urgency For High Stakes
Emilia Jones Connor Jess up and Jackson Robert Scott in Locke & Key Netflix A complaint that one Redditor had about season 2 was that things didn’t seem to be as dire to characters as they had been before and should have been. Mariner said Can we please talk about the big lack of urgency? All this crazy stuff keeps happening and I’ve seen people have more concern hurrying back to get snacks before commercials are over. The Locke kids and others indeed lost a lot of their awareness of how high the stakes are and need to get it back to make season 3 exciting. With so many plot lines ended the show runs the risk of dragging if characters aren’t reactive enough to the things going on.

No More Secrets Outside Of The Family
Bode and Jamie staring at the dollhouse on Locke and Key Something the fans want to change in the next season is the number of people the Locke tell their secrets to. After all trusting Gabe Dodge ended up getting the family into a lot of trouble and the motives behind Jamie and her dad are still unknown not to mention their connection to the keys. Redditor WingedShadow83 commented They need to stop sharing these secrets outside the family. Are they ever going to learn to stop trusting ever Tom Dick and Harry ? The outsiders keep getting killed They really don’t know who to trust or who might know something and need to be vetting people better.

Nina To Be Involved
Locke and Key Nina 2 Nina is one of the most likable characters of Locke & Key, and fans were very confused as to why the kids continued to keep Nina out of things when they saw how much her confusion was upsetting her and how lonely she felt being left out of a joke everyone else gets.One Reddit user The Jack Of Diamonds advocated for them letting Nina in more saying Keeping Nina in the dark is mistake. They really could get her killed and almost did. They d literally tell everyone around them, save their own mom. They use the memory key on Duncan to help him remember and get his help but never consider the danger they re putting Nina in by letting her forget things. Adding her to their team in season 3 would be a major improvement.

Eden To Come Back
Locke and Key Eden At the end of season 2 Eden is dropped into the Well House well by Frederick Gideon and audiences don’t see if the fall proved to be fatal or not. Her character was much-loved by fans of the show and they really enjoyed her more playful approach to being a demon. Reddit user readandrant called for Eden’s return in the third season of the show. They commented I loved Eden this season. What a character and a whole lot more story for her. I’m quite sure she ain’t dead yet. They have to bring her back. If fans are missing the lovable demon they can get more of actress Hallea Jones on her Instagram.

Better Dialogue
Featured Locke And Key Season 2 As far as the script for this season fans felt as though season 2 left something to be desired. Redditor An xi Monkey wrote The dialogue felt a bit too reliant on cliches. Predictable lines would be fine if it didn’t feel like they were there just to advance the plot. This hope for better storytelling and moments between characters to create meaningful scenes isn’t one that Anxi Money has alone. Another Redditor Dynamiter has made comments about the shows script saying There definitely a lot of room for improvement regarding the writing.

A Return To Darker Storytelling Like In The Comics
Locke and Key Season 2 Dodge and Gideon Overall the grittier more scary storytelling from season 1 and parts of 2 works better for the subject matter and is closer to its source material. Redditor dmc2008 said They left a lot on the table to play with. Plus there a really great twist from the comics that the show has yet to take advantage of.Correct Ad5798 on Redd it commented I am excited to see how the story continues and hopefully it will go darker again The show is at its best when its dealing with the darker elements of fighting demons and using magical keys and a return to that is greatly wanted for season 3.

For The Echo Key To Be Destroyed Or The Well Filled In
It would seem that the Locke could avoid a lot of problems if they dealt with the Well House in a more physical way. A Reddit user named WingedShadow83 said At some point they should really take that broom closet door in the well house off the hinges. Another suggestion to stop Echoes from being created and to keep them from using the Anywhere Key and getting away was made by promulgator on Reddit. They wrote Even better fill the dang well with concrete. This would be a much more practical solution and hopefully the Lockes consider it especially with Frederick Gideon on the loose.

For Tyler To Change His Mind About Forgetting Magic
Locke and Key Tyler 2 Tyler is the most powerful character on the show because of how well he uses the keys. Admittedly Tyler has had a pretty traumatic experience with the keys recently. The first time he ever forged one himself it killed his girlfriend. However he was consistently an advocate for adults remembering magic and actively sought out the memory key for Duncan.So his decision to forgo using it on himself was disappointing to fans and they hope that he ll change his mind in season 3. One Redd it user 6RVY wrote I feel like something will happen in season 3 and they ll have to use the memory key on him to help fight Gideon. Red editor almost night wing added I really hope he doesn’t end up forgetting.

More Use Of the Small World Key
Jamie using the Small World key on Locke and Key The Dollhouse seemed to be gravely underused in season 2 and many fans of the show think that it could be a useful tool against villains or even in everyday needs. Redditor No Balance483 suggested If they would just put a small fleck of gold in the Locke Dollhouse and cash it in to buy a security system for the house and property that would be dandy. Another user Best Master Fox acknowledged how dangerous the Small World key could be against enemies and said Them ignoring the dollhouse considering how dangerous it is is absurd. It could definitely be a valuable weapon in season 3 if used regularly.

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