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Dexter New Blood Brings in a Familiar Face Who Blows a Big Secret

While Dexter Morgan has carefully built a new life for himself, a classic character from the original series comes back to upend it.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dexter New Blood Episode 5 Runaway which aired Sunday, Dec. 5, on Showtime. When Dexter Morgan faked his death at the end of the original Dexter series, he left behind all of his colleagues on the Miami Metro Police Department who had quietly begun to suspect his serial killer secret. And though ten years have passed, in-universe, between the series finale and the start of the continuation series, Dexter: New Blood, one fan Favorite character from the original Dexter is back and may have just exposed Dexter’s double life and the new identity he since built for himself.

During the final season of Dexter the serial killer with a heart of gold brutally killed the villainous Oliver Saxon to avenge his late sister Debra Morgan. With Saxon in police custody and the murder caught by the station’s surveillance cameras there was no hiding what Dexter had done but police lieutenant Angel Batista let Dexter go under the stance that the killing was committed on grounds of self defense. At the start of the series Batista claimed that he was Dexter best friend an admission to which Dexter tacitly agreed and was also friends with Debra further fueling his decision to let Dexter free. And while Batista appeared to believe reports that Dexter was killed by a hurricane at the end of the finale Batista returns in New Blood to help spoil his old friend secret.

In the decade since the series finale Batista has been promoted to Captain of the Miami Metro and a nationally renowned law enforcement figure in his own right. Batista is invited to speak at a law enforcement conference in New York City that just so happens to be while Iron Lakes Sheriff Angela Bishop is visiting the city to follow up on a lead that missing person and Dexter latest murder victim Matt Caldwell was seen alive at a hotel in the city. Meeting with Batista to compare notes over drinks after the conference, Angela learns of Dexter supposed death in Miami ten years prior and her crime solving intuition is tipped off when Batista mentions Dexter had a young son named Harrison matching the name of her boyfriend Jim Lindsay long M lost son.

Angela had no reason to suspect that Dexter under his new identity as Jim was lying about his past to her until Harrison resurfaced in his life as Dexter made no mention of having children before much less abandoning them. While Harrison had played along with his father creating a new identity for himself the teenager revealed the truth to Angelas daughter Audrey that Jim Lindsay wasnt his fathers real name while under the influence of a particularly potent cocktail of drugs at a high school party. Both of these revelations inspire Angela to dig deeper resulting in her finding an obituary for Dexter Morgan, including a photograph of her boyfriend as the presumed dead man from a decade prior.

Dexter New Blood
These revelations come at a time when Iron Lake is rocked by the sudden disappearance of Matt Caldwell the son of the most powerful man in town. While Dexter wasn’t identified as a major person of interest in the case foul play was suspected due to Matt blood and separate unidentified figure seen on the scene of Matt last appearance near where Dexter lives. And though Angela has other things to consider with the revelation that Matt father Kurt was lying about his son arriving in Manhattan after his reported disappearance the truth of Dexters past life to the town sheriff certainly complicates things for the old serial killer.

To see Batista return Dexter New Blood airs Sundays at 9pm ET PT on Showtime.

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