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Crisis of meaning after Two and a Half Men Angus T. Jones could return as a completely different actor

As the Jake star from Two and a Half Men Star Angus T. Jones went through an extreme transformation until he withdrew from the public eye. As an actor we could still see him again.

With extremely early successes in the acting business, crashes often come surprisingly quickly. An example of this is Macaulay Culkin from Kevin Home Alone and Kevin Alone in New York, who became a child millionaire then fell into years of drug scandals and disappeared from the public eye. The career of Jake actor Angus T. Jones from the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men was not quite as extreme but comparable. Although the star is not yet 30 he has undergone an extreme change in the last 10 years and has recently withdrawn from the public almost completely. An acting comeback is slowly becoming apparent.

Jake star Angus T. Jones damned Two and a Half Men and got religious
In 2012 Angus T. Jones caused a stir when he publicly described the cult sitcom as filth that was incompatible with his beliefs after a religious change. A little later he apologized for the testimony, but he did not appear in Two and a Half Men even in season 11 while he was attending college. He was only seen briefly for a cameo in the series finale of season 12.

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After the Two and a Half Men ending Angus T. Jones was much more distant about his religious connections in an interview with People magazine in 2016. In the past three years I have worked in various religious organizations. At the moment I am withdrawing from organized business model programs. I’m interested in seeing where I’m going without an organization putting a stamp on me whether I’m good or bad or whatever.

After Two and a Half Men, Angus T. Jones withdrew from the public
The Jake actor has apparently used the last few years to think about his future or to enjoy his fortune from Two and a Half Men in peace. Since 2018, Angus T. Jones has withdrawn from the public. Only now and then does a paparazzi photo appear, which shows the star, which has now become visually very different. In the aforementioned People interview from the same year, he also expressed the idea of ​​wanting to return as an actor at some point. Small appearances in the web series Horace & Pete and in the short film by a friend support this plan, but the Two and a Half Men star prefers to take it slow. Even if there are no concrete plans for this at the moment, we can definitely imagine a surprising acting comeback by Angus T. Jones in the near future. Who knows how many Two and a Half Men fans will recognize the greatly changed star at first glance. These links are so called affiliate links. We receive a commission when purchasing via these links or when taking out a subscription. This has no effect on the price.

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