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Cobra Kai Why Daniel’s Daughter Needs To Win The All Valley Tournament

Samantha La Russo Mary Mouser is the karate student who needs to win Cobra Kai season 4s All Valley tournament the most. Sam father Daniel La Russo Ralph Mac chio and his lifelong rival, Johnny Lawrence William Zabka agreed to join their dojos in an effort to rid the San Fernando Valley of John Kreese Martin Kove and Cobra Kai. Daniel has trained Sam in Miyagi Do karate since childhood but the pressure is on the younger La Russo to live up to her family legacy.

Daniel La Russo is a two time All Valley Under 18 Karate Champion winning back to back in 1984 and 1985 as seen in The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part III. La Russo victories over Cobra Kai and his archenemies Johnny and Mike Barnes Sean Kanan turned the New Jersey-born Daniel into a local legend in the Valley. 35 years later Daniel still trades on his notoriety from winning the All Valley tournament. His past glories as the Karate Kid is the basis of how Daniel advertises his familys successful car dealerships the La Russo Auto Group. Daniel is also proud to embody the teachings of his beloved late mentor Mr Miyagi Notorious Pat Moritz who taught Daniel san everything he knows about his familys ancient Okinawan martial arts and its important philosophies.

In Cobra Kai season 4 Sam is the top student of Daniels Miyagi Do do jo and her dad hopes are pinned on his favorite child to continue the La Russos reputation as winners of the All Valley tournament. In Cobra Kai season 1 Sam didn’t compete and Daniel was the sense i of Robby Keene Tanner Buchanan who represented Miyagi Do at the All Valley. Although Robby made it to the finals he lost the championship to Johnny student Miguel Dias Xolo Marinade  and Cobra Kai. But in Cobra Kai season Robby is fighting for Cobra Kai and Miguel belongs to Johnny  Eagle Fang dodo. Meanwhile Samantha is not only representing Miyagi Do she is also a La Russo so she has both Daniel and Mr. Miyagis reputations to protect which is why Sam needs to win the All Valley.

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Beyond protecting the La Russo legacy Samantha also personally needs the validation of being All Valley champion. Sam had an extraordinarily difficult time since her arch enemy Tory Nichols Peyton List came into her life. Drama over dating Miguel exploded into Tory actually trying to kill Sam and sending La Russo to the hospital at the end of Cobra Kai season 2. Fighting Tory gave Sam PTSD which she had to face throughout Cobra Kai season 3. This culminated in Nichols leading her dojo to break into the La Russos house to get at Sam and her friends.

But Sam was able to fight Tory to a standstill at the end of Cobra Kai season 3 and La Russo regained her fighting spirit thanks to surviving her ordeal. Sam facing Tory at Cobra Kai season 4 All Valley tournament seems inevitable and La Russo has to beat Nichols the way her father triumphed over Johnny decades before Sam was born. Daniel forged The Karate Kids history of overcoming the odds at the All Valley and now Sam has to do the same for herself and her generation in Cobra Kai.owever there is even more extraordinary pressure on Sam to win the All Valley instead of TorY because according to Daniel and Johnnys agreement with Reese if Cobra Kai wins Miyagi Do will have to shut down forever. Riding on Samanthas shoulders is the very future of Miyagi Do as well as the potential shame of being the first La Russo not to win the All Valley championship. As such Samantha La Russo has more reasons than any other Cobra Kai karate student to win the All Valley tournament in season 4 and Sam also stands to lose the most if she fails.

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