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Chucky Deserves His Renewal: What Made The First Season Successful

So many movies and shows have tried to have successful reboots over the years. The 12th film in the 4 decade long franchise Halloween Kills was just released. The Scream TV series had little success which although having three seasons has just a 61% on Rotten Tomatoes. Production companies keep trying to bring back the original magic which is almost impossible to replicate.

All this being said, when the SYFY show Chuck y was announced, fans were a bit nervous for the right reasons. The Child Play remake came out just a couple of years prior and the last official film in the franchise Cult of Chuck y 2017 wasnt even released in theaters. Would the world want more Chuck y The answer was an astounding yes for numerous reasons. For one the original cast and crew were all attached to the show and no more CGI as Chuck y went back to his roots with animations. This, along with multiple other reasons is why Chuck y had such a successful first season and is already renewed for a second.

With Chucky being such an essential cult franchise among many, the show could ve gone wrong very quickly. With iconic characters that only OG fans will recognize, like Andy Alex Vincent Kyle Christine Elise and Tiffany Jennifer Tilly returning it could be a slippery slope. On the one hand, too many original actors might make only hard core fans watch the show, but this was not the case. Both original creator Don Mancini and director Tom Holland did an amazing job having both original characters and adding new ones. The casting was pretty remarkable, and the new kids made a great addition.

Zackary Arthur finds Chuck y at a yard sale
The original Child s Play was about 6 year old Andy Barcley Vincent given a Good Guy doll for his birthday from his struggling single mother Karen Catherine Hicks . As those around the family begins to die gruesome deaths, Andy keeps saying Chuck y did it. No one believes the boy but he is right. The doll is possessed by the soul of the Lake shore Strangler Charles Lee Ray.

Chuck y takes place over 30 years later in the same town that Ray grew up in. The show this time around is about 8th grader Jake Wheeler Zachary Arthur a young, shy kid living in the quiet town of Hack en sack. One day, he finds a Good Guy Doll at an estate sale and being an artist who does incredible projects out of doll parts, he thought this vintage doll would be perfect for his next project. Of course, the doll is no other than Chuck y Brad Dourif the pint-sized killer doll who somehow keeps coming back. As several people begin to die brutal deaths including Jake alcoholic and abusive father Devon Sawa the town panics. Moving in with his wealthy Aunt Bree Lexa Doig Uncle Logan also played by Sawa and cousin Junior Teo Briones things only begin to get worse.

Chuck y forms a unique bond with Jake, as he is his only friend. Being constantly bullied by Junior and his popular and ultra rude girlfriend Lexy Alyvia Alyn Lind Chuck y slowly puts hatred into Jake heart even trying to murder Lexy at one point. He slowly befriends Devon Bjorgvin Arnarson the son of Detective Kim Evans Rachelle Casseus who is wary of Jake as those around him seem to die. After more people close to him begin to die he along with Lexy and Devon the only other people who know of Chuck y form an alliance to try to kill him.

The twists and turns of this show character development and unique blend of comedy horror and teen genre make Chuck y truly unique from past films. Mancini did an incredible job keeping the campy horror fun with Chuck y dirty mouth and bloody kills but also adds an element of teen drama reaching a larger audience. The show sometimes felt like a horror version of teen drama River dale. This way both OG fans and newcomers get something they like.

chuck y 2021

Something that made the season so successful is even those who haven’t watched any of the previous films can enjoy and comprehend the show. There are moments made just for those original fan but most of the show is easily accessible for different types of viewers. There are gory kill scenes the return of original characters but the real stars of the show are the newcomers. Jake Lexy Devon and Junior are the new generation of Chuck y and they do a great job at it. It can be complicated to find the perfect kid actors to bring back the same nostalgic and campy feeling that so many get from the Child’s Play franchise and Chuck y truly has a similar sentiment.

The show doesn’t have an overly-fake feeling with the doll itself even going back to its animatronic roots. A show about a killer doll can appear cheesy but the doll being a robot instead of just CGI brings Chucky to life. When interviewed for Looper Mancini voiced why he refused to use CGI on the show We didn’t use any CGI in the series. We use visual effects to erase puppeteers and rods and cables and stuff but the puppets themselves it fully 100% animatronic. I think it was in Curse of Chuck y where I did two shots with a CG Chucky and I really didn’t want to. It wasn’t my plan it was just budget and time and desperation. The fans saw them instantly and they go What the hell is that?’ and it s like Okay i m sorry! I won’t do it again

With the first season of Chuck y only having eight episodes but killing off more than half of its case it will be intriguing to see what Mancini will do with the new season. Will there be more returns of original characters Will be there be new additions to the tight-knit middle schooners Fans will have to wait and see in 2022.

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