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Below Deck Alum Hannah Ferries Would Return To The Franchise On One Condition

Lately the Below Deck franchise has taken to bringing in a lot of new blood in its respective casts. And as a result its getting raunchier by the day on the flagship show s latest season. The longtime alums who frequently doubled as fan-favorites have either dipped or been kicked out in recent years the latter of which was the case for chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier. Evidently though Ferrier would consider making a return in the future but only on one condition. She made a name for herself on Below Deck Mediterranean as the sassy interior leader who ruled her department with an iron fist. But following five seasons she was fired by Captain Sandy for having undeclared drugs aboard the Wellington yacht. Hannah Ferries then officially retired as a yachty and not long after had her first child with now fiancé Josh Roberts. So she kind of moved on from the vagabond lifestyle of a typical yacht crew However the former Bravo star told Showbiz Cheat sheet that she might pull out the old 5 star dinner service again. The caveat being that it would have to be for for Captain Lee only. She said

I have said and I ve spoken to Josh Roberts about this. If Lee ever got in trouble and he needed me to come back. If he had a really bad chief stew and he needed me to come back to help him? I would because he always been there for me in the past. Captain Lee has been known to command loyalty and respect especially of his former chief stew Kate Chastain on the franchise. But apparently that extends to the entire franchise and Hannah Ferries who never officially worked under Lee on Mediterranean. She shared that while filming the show she would be able to call him and get friendly advice about what to do and awww. Still it unfortunately sounds like fans will only ever see Ferries on the show again in an emergency and even then only briefly. The chief stew added:

So it would kind of be a half season. Or a few charters or something if they needed help I would go help. But obviously I wouldn’t go back to the Med as it stands.

As it stands, Captain Sandy still headlines Below Deck  Mediterranean which explains why the former series star isn’t willing to return in a full capacity again. The two had a huge falling out over the drug scandal in the show fifth season. And it continues to this day with both sticking to their guns that they were right in the situation. Although bosun Malia White has some slight regrets for her part in reporting Ferries for the drugs. Despite how much fans love Hannah Ferriers biting retorts and penchant for drama, the franchise is in no short supply of it since her exit. Arguments and throuples continue to plague even the current Below Deck season, and the new chief stew is struggling with her team just a bit So maybe we might see Ferries at some point after all To find out what happens in Season 9 tune into Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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