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Young Sheldon Explains Why George Really Cheated

During Sheldon and his father’s enlightening talk in Young Sheldon season 5 episode 8 George subtly explains why he decides to cheat on his wife.

George Lance Barber subtly explains the reason for cheating on his wife in Young Sheldon season 5. Following a brief hiatus, The Big Bang Theory spin off returns with a brand new episode. This time, the show focuses on Sheldon Iain Armitage coming to terms with people casually and routinely lying. In relation to this, the Young Sheldon outing also gives George the perfect opportunity to justify or, at least explain his future infidelity.

From the get go, The Big Bang Theory depicted the Cooper patriarch as a no good father, who’s lazy and useless. Both adult Sheldon Jim Parsons and his mother, Mary Laurie Metcalf ragged on George every single time they got the chance. However, out of all the bad things the pair said, Sheldon’s confession about catching his father having sex with a different woman was arguably the worst. Since then, fans have been waiting for Young Sheldon to reveal what really happened during this traumatic incident. After years of trying to ignore this specific plotline, the spin off has finally started to lay the groundwork for the big reveal. Young Sheldon season 5 has been particularly active in setting up Georges cheating scandal. His budding relationship and obvious attraction towards his newly single neighbor Brenda Sparks Melissa Peterman appears to be the beginning of his unfaithfulness. While the pair technically hasn’t done anything wrong George seems to be well aware of his temptations. In Young Sheldon season 5 episode 8 titled The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin Sheldon has a conversation with his dad about how East Texas Tech’s president bluffed about the existence of a so called Grand Chancellor who oversees the schools operations. Attempting to make the experience a learning lesson for his son, George says that there are some instances where lying is acceptable, including when one wants to spare another person’s feelings when the truth surely hurts.

Considering George’s admission in Young Sheldon that he’s unhappy with his life, this could be interpreted as him justifying being unfaithful to his family. Since his big fight with Mary Zoe Perry in the Young Sheldon season 4 finale the issue has never been discussed again. George doesn’t want to hurt his wife and kids by suggesting a divorce despite his personal feelings. However, he also can’t stand being miserable. Instead of being truthful about what he’s going through, he ultimately decides to privately address his woes by finding solace in the company of another woman. Obviously, this is still the wrong way to approach the matter. Cheating is definitively wrong, and George can’t blame his infidelity all on Mary despite her flaws. However, having this mentality implies that he believes lying, in general, can be rationalized. Whether or not this has something to do with his attraction to Brenda is uncertain in Young Sheldon, however.For what its worth George has already been lying about his relationship with his neighbor for a while now. He has refused to divulge what exactly happened between him and Brenda the night they met at the local pub. With Young Sheldons next episode confirmed to feature the pair spending time again with each other, perhaps the sitcom can finally make strides in terms of advancing what seems like a budding affair involving the couple.

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