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The Witcher Henry Cavill Admits Whether He’s Team Yennefer or Team Triss

Turns out Cavill has more of an allegiance to one of Geralts romances over the other.

Henry Cavill, who plays the titular character of The Witcher Netflix series, recently opened up on whether he was Team Yennefer or Team Triss during the red carpet premiere for the show’s upcoming second season premiering on the streamer later this month.During the Season 2 red carpet event, Cavill talked to Digital Spy about the new season, as well as the long-standing debate between Team Yennefer and Team Triss as the love triangle continues to unfold.For me, when I played the games and especially when I read the books, I feel it’s always been true to Geralt’s core is Team Yennefer Cavill said. Of course, the great thing about the game is that you can do whatever you want and that’s the great thing about games. But for me even in the games it was Team Yennefer.

While some fans argue that Yennefer is Geralts true love considering his devastation at losing her, others argue for the stability Triss can provide Geralt in his life as a witcher. Both characters are romanceable options in the video games and Cavill, himself an avid player of The Witcher games, recently admitted he spent his time in quarantine playing them on the hardest difficulty level.Cavill stars in the series depicting the trials of Geralt of Rivia, one of the last monster hunters in the fantasy world of the Continent as he becomes entangled with the destiny of a young princess. Season 2 of the Netflix show has already promised to showcase Geralt’s devastation at losing Yennefer Anya Chalotra at the Battle of Sodden Hill, where he also finally met Ciri Freya Allan. As the series goes on, the Geralt Yennefer Triss love triangle will continue to be debated and possibly teased out within the show. Season 2 of The Witcher premieres December 17 on Netflix where Season 1 is currently available to stream.

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