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The Vampire Diaries: The Best Ship In Series Second Half

Each season of The Vampire Diaries focuses on one romance more heavily than the rest. Here are the fan-favorite couples who stand out the most.

Other characters begin to take center stage, causing other romances to steal the limelight. However, just because a couple is featured more heavily, doesn’t mean they have the best development of the bunch. Each season devotes itself to one relationship more than the rest, yet their progress is what makes them stand out.

Season 5: Damon And Elena

Fans wait years to see Damon and Elena become an official couple in The Vampire Diaries and finally get their wish during the show’s fifth season. After everything the two have been through together, Damon and Elena deserve a real shot at happiness. Although they’re technically together during The Vampire Diaries season 4, the sire bond—mixed with Elena shutting off her emotions—sets their relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

Damon and Elena have a fair share of obstacles to overcome, but the complications make them one of the most entertaining elements. No matter how unhealthy their romance can be, vampires don’t live by the same moral code as humans. Damon and Elena eventually realize that there’s no sin that can’t be forgiven when it comes to each other.

Season 6: Damon And Bonnie

They might not be a couple, but there are plenty of viewers who climb aboard the ship after The Vampire Diaries season 6. No matter how they’re regarded by individuals, Bonnie and Damon develop one of the most impactful and genuine bonds in the show.

There’s no mystery as to why fans held out for a romance between them, especially given that Bamon is canon in the book series. Forced proximity causes the two to transition from frenemies to best friends and confidants, and their relationship becomes a pillar of the plot. Damon even chooses to save Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries season 6 finale, despite the cost to Elena.

Season 7: Stefan And Caroline

Whether or not fans believe Stefan and Caroline are soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, the seventh season features a major shift in their dynamic. The two are best friends for years, but it’s obvious that Caroline wants more. While The Vampire Diaries season 6 indulges in a romance between them, tragic circumstances get in the way of their relationship.

Stefan and Caroline don’t become an official couple until Caroline turns her humanity back on and properly recovers from Liz’s death. It’s a whole new world for both them and viewers, with the series leaning heavily on Steroline after Nina Dobrev’s departure.

Season 8: Bonnie And Enzo

Bonnie and Enzo have the best relationship of The Vampire Diaries season 8 due to the positive impact it has on Bonnie’s character. Bonnie spends the entirety of the show putting herself second, and it isn’t until Enzo that she realizes she deserves more. Enzo helps Bonnie see that her happiness is just as important as everyone else’s, no matter how difficult it is for her to accept.

Elena and Caroline have more than one intense love story, with Bonnie’s romances dwindling in comparison. However, it’s never too late, and Bonnie finally finds someone who prioritizes her above all else. Enzo’s death may be tragic, but it inspires Bonnie to live her life to the fullest.

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