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Ted Lasso: The 5 Most Inspiring Quotes. Part II

The heartwarming characters of Ted Lasso find themselves in a variety of difficult situations, which makes for some very inspirational quotes.

Not only does the show brilliantly combine drama with comedy, but it also intersperses this with moments of wisdom and inspiration, which are always timed perfectly. From love and heartbreak to victory and defeat, at least one character in each situation always knows what to say and how to help motivate themselves or their peers.

“Don’t you dare settle for ‘fine.'”

Rebecca begins to embrace dating again, following her divorce from Rupert. In season 2, episode 1, she goes on a double date with her new interest, John, and Keeley and Roy. They all exchange stories and polite conversation before the evening ends.

After John leaves, Rebecca wants Keeley and Roy to give their opinions on him, resulting in a very middle of the road, response. Eventually, Roy becomes quite animated and delivers one of his best quotes in Ted Lasso, adamant that Rebecca deserves more than someone who is just “fine.” He understands that Rebecca has so many great qualities, wanting her to know that she should never be with someone of a lesser standard.

“I would like to pull out of my campaign with Dubai Air.”

A good-natured character on Ted Lasso, with many fantastic quotes that explain his overall personality, Sam is well-liked at AFC Richmond. He never had any intention to hurt anyone, only wishing the best for others. Sam partakes in an ad campaign for Dubai Air, which is owned by Cerithium Oil. Upon seeing the ad, Sam’s disappointed father divulges the information that Cerithium Oil is the cause for the damage done to Nigeria (their home country) after an oil spill.

Sam becomes as upset as his father and, in season 2, episode 3, told Rebecca that he no longer wishes to be a part of their campaign. He courageously chose to withdraw without any fear of the implications because standing up for his home took precedent.

“Football is life.”

Although Dani’s feel-good catchphrase is heard throughout Ted Lasso, it is always inspiring. Dani is wholly passionate about football, committing to every aspect of it.

Introduced in season 1, episode 6, he approached his first training session with vigor. And even though the quote refers to football, it can be applied to anything. His belief in the game he plays, along with the joy it brings him, is inspirational for anyone to see, no matter what they do.

“And though I believe that Ted Lasso will fail here, and Richmond will suffer the embarrassment of relegation, I won’t gloat when it happens, because I can’t help but root for him.”

“Trent Crimm, The Independent,” is a fairly stern journalist, keeping up with the development of Ted and his progress as a coach. The word that spread through the news outlets was that Ted essentially didn’t know what he was doing and had an extremely unusual way of doing it.

Naturally, it didn’t phase him, as he welcomed the opportunity to spend a day with Trent in season 1, episode 3, whilst he watched Ted at work. After publishing his article, it became apparent that Trent went against the tide of popular opinion, expressing his support of him and proving it was okay to be a little different.

“For me, success is not about the wins and losses. It’s about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves, on and off the field.”

Ted shows concern for everyone he encounters, especially those who mean a lot to him. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he thinks about his footballers’ lives beyond football.

When in conversation with Trent Crimm in season 1, episode 3, Ted tells him how he loves coaching, going on to say what it means to him. Ted manages to slowly change Trent’s thoughts about him, one of the former low-key villains of Ted Lasso, as it becomes clear Ted firmly believes that life doesn’t just start and end with football. There’s more to life off the pitch and he does his utmost to inspire them to be great men.

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