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Supernatural: 5Things Only Die-Hard Fans Know About The Show. Part II

There are so many great fun facts about Supernatural that only hardcore fans know about, from backstage stories to character naming processes.

Whether they be related to the show’s development before season 1 or to do with fun little stories related to characters, there are so many great facts about Supernatural that few casual fans know about that could enhance their enjoyment of the already beloved series.

5 Missouri Moseley Was Meant To Fill The Bobby Role

Missouri Moseley is a beloved character in Supernatural despite only appearing in two episodes of the show years apart. As some loving fans are aware, Missouri was not meant to be limited to her season 1 appearances as she was always intended to be a recurring character on the show.

According to Erik Kripke, he wanted to bring back Mosely, but actress Loretta Devine was unavailable, so Bobby Singer’s character was born and became an instant fan favorite. Few fans now would want a show without Bobby, even if a character as good as Missouri was there to try and fill his trucker cap. She did get a second episode at least, but she, unfortunately, died by the end of it and remains one of the few Supernatural characters to never return.

4 Sam’s Season 10 Sling

After Dean is killed by Metatron in the season 9 finale and becomes a demon, Sam goes on the hunt for him and Crowley. However, there is a noticeable difference in Sam between the end of season 9 and the start of season 10: he now uses an arm sling.

3 The Angel Of Thursday

Most of the angels have very Biblical names in Supernatural and, like most mythological aspects of the show, are mostly based on known religious entities, including Castiel. However, only a select few dedicated Cas fans know how he got his name or what it means.

According to Kripke, he came up with Castiel’s name from a simple Google search, looking for the Angel of Thursdays since that was the day on which the show aired back then and the day on which Cas made his iconic introduction in Supernatural.

2 The Impala Was Originally A Mustang

There may be no single object in Supernatural as synonymous with the show as the Impala that is so adored by Dean Winchester and fans alike. It is a car, a home, and a character within the show and arguably the most frequent place where the brothers have their most meaningful conversations.

According to Eric Kripke via The Daily Telegraph, the Impala was not the original car thought up for the show; it was instead a Mustang. Kripke was convinced that the Impala was ultimately the correct choice due to its trunk being able to fit a body inside it.

1 The Bee Story

The “Bee” story by Jensen and Jared can be found on YouTube, and it is one of Jensen Ackles’ most regularly told Supernatural behind-the-scenes stories at panels and cons, known as one of Jensen and Jared’s hardest scenes to shoot in the show. It originates from the infamous “Bugs” episode and details how Jensen, Jared, and director Kim Manners had to suffer through a scene with 60,000 real bees in a small, contained room, with no protection involved for the actors leading to many stings including one in Jensen’s rear-end. What makes the story all the better is that, in the end, the bees had to be added via CGI making the ordeal pointless. The two actors refer to it as one of the most uncomfortable scenes to shoot in the show’s history.

It is one of the funniest and longest-standing behind-the-scenes stories from the show, getting told to audiences since 2006 with many retellings since. Knowing what the actors had to suffer through may not make “Bugs” a better episode, but it certainly is easier to appreciate all of the effort and care that Jensen, Jared, and the show’s behind-the-scenes staff put into the show thanks to the story. It is one of many stories from the pair that, over the years, have helped the more passionate side of the fanbase appreciate the show.

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