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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things You Missed About The Interns. Part II

Interns are among the most valued groups of professionals in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, yet some details about them aren’t so easy to catch.

Most things about the interns appear obvious to the viewer at first glance, but plenty of minuscule details about them are sprinkled all over the ABC medical drama. There’s almost always a lot more focus on the show’s various dramatic stories, some of this information might get lost.

They Work 48-Hour Shifts

The interns normally work for 48 hours then rest for the same amount of time. This easy-to-miss detail is dropped by Bailey during the “five rules” speech in her very first address to the interns.

It qualifies to be one of the forgotten details about Grey’s Anatomy’s pilot and it’s hard to catch because Bailey’s funnier remarks at that moment stand out more. Among the hilarious parts in her “five rules” speech is the reminder not to wake her up unless a patient is dying and the advice for interns not to try hard to please her because she already hates all of them. Bailey’s intimidating nature is the reason the interns don’t complain when they find out how long they’ll be working.

Interns Are Normally Assigned To Fourth-Year Residents

The criteria used to assign a resident to a group of interns is never explained. However, a pattern that can be observed is that interns normally get assigned to a fourth-year resident. Bailey, Lexie, Alex, and Stephanie are all assigned interns during their fourth years as residents. The only exception is Jo, who gets interns while in her fifth year.

By their fourth year, a resident is considered experienced enough to guide new faces at the hospital. They are also at a level that’s advanced enough to make interns not only respect them but also emulate them. That Bailey is closer to her interns (and more valued) than the rest of the characters shows she is more suited for this kind of role than all others who it’s bestowed upon.

Richard Gives The Same Speech To Interns Every Year

Richard always gives the same speech to surgical interns every year. Even when he steps down as chief and becomes the director of the residency program, his word choice remains the same.

Richard is justified in recycling his remarks since his speech covers all the basic things that the interns need to know. He normally gives them a reality check, letting them know that some will crack under pressure and quit, some will be fired for silly mistakes while others will go on to join the league of the world’s best doctors. It’s as clear and specific as it gets. The standard speech also perfectly highlights Richard’s personality as tough love is what he’s all about.

Only Two Characters Have Failed The Intern Exam

Only Alex and George have failed the United States Medical Licensing Exam, also known as the “Intern Exam.” Both were allowed to retake the exam and passed on their second try.

Alex and George are both among the smartest characters in Grey’s Anatomy, which makes their inability to pass exams baffling. Nevertheless, making them fail is a great angle to underscore their resilience. Both are no quitters and it was always obvious that they were going to try again. Falling and rising is also a common pattern for characters in the medical drama.

There Are No New Interns In Season 7

All 18 seasons of the ABC medical drama have a new batch of interns except Season 7. It’s confirmed through the dialogue in the season premiere that the Season 6 interns have progressed to full-time residency but no replacements are shown.

The lack of focus on interns is understandable since, in Season 7, everyone at Seattle Grace is still shaken up after one of the saddest episodes in Grey’s Anatomy in which angry widower Gary Clark goes on a shooting spree at the hospital. The focal point is on recovery and with Chief Derek still recovering from gunshot wounds, there is no one to welcome the interns. As Interim Chief, Richard is busy dealing with an increased workload too.

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