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Below Deck Med: Why The Season 6 Cast Is So Polarizing

The Below Deck Med season 6 cast included some crew members who were loved or loathed by fans. These reality stars really divided viewers.

The Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 cast is dividing viewers for a host of reasons  and its time to talk about why the shows stars are so polarizing. This past season of the Bravo series was the first without chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier. She was the only original cast member still on the show until Captain Sandy Yawn fired her in the middle of season 5. The firing took place after Sandy was informed by bosun Malia White that Hannah had unregistered Valium and a vape pen in her cabin.Without hesitation  Sandy let Hannah go, and the episode where she got the boot was the last one Hannah ever appeared in. A year later for season 6, the show s producers brought in Katie Flood as the new chief stew. Besides Katie  the rest of the crew was completely new except for Malia White and Sandy  who were returning cast members. While the season started off well some fans started to get bored with the Below Deck Med season 6 cast by the end.

One of the main reasons why season 6 was so polarizing was the presence of Chef Mathew Shea and the second stew  Lexi Wilson. Mathew and Lexi weren’t favored by the viewers. At the beginning of the season  fans knew there was going to be drama between Mathew and Lexi. During one of the charter dinners  Mathew asked Lexi to not step in a pile of dirt he was cleaning up  but she refused to move. This was the catalyst for a season filled with tension between the chef and the stew. However  Mathew wasn’t the only one on the boat who had issues with Lexi. In fact the rest of the crew members didn’t appear to be too fond of her. After the stew almost got into a physical altercation with deckhand Mzi Dempers  and yelled at Malia during one of their days off  the crew started to distance themselves from her.

While the crew managed to put the first Lexi situation on the back burner  as the season progressed  she angered the crew in other ways. Katie noticed Lexi had been slacking off during her shifts and didn’t know how to tell her without coming off as rude. She ultimately decided to bring on fourth stew Delaney Evans to help out with interior tasks. After their one charter with four stews  Katie realized that Lexi and Delaney weren’t pulling their weight  and decided that it was time for both of them to go. This was the moment when fans started to turn on Katie. Most people felt that Delaney was doing a decent job as a stew  seeing as she was more of a deckhand in her past roles. Viewers were also disappointed that it took the team this long to finally fire Lexi. The whole crew was over her combative nature and her lack of motivation in the stew role. A lot of viewers weren’t very pleased with the behavior from some of the cast members on Below Deck Mediterranean season 6, and Lexi was perceived as especially problematic. Fans found the onscreen action difficult to watch at times  as it was clear that Lexi should have been fired after one of their days off. Hopefully, the future crews learn a lesson from this season.

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