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Teen Wolf 10 Unpopular Opinions About Lydia Martin According To Reddit

Lydia Martin is one of the most popular characters in Teen Wolf. However, there are still some opinions about her that are unpopular.

Lydia Martin is one of the most popular characters in Teen Wolf. She is funny smart and has great chemistry with many other characters in the show. Lydia is one of the few characters that were featured in every season so naturally, fans know and love her very much.However, despite her being a popular character there are still some opinions about her that are unpopular, particularly on Reddit. These opinions can be about her personality her powers or her relationships. Some seem more unpopular than others, but they are all viewpoints that deserve to be discussed.

Her Interpersonal Role In The Pack Was Underutilized

Lydia was a main member of the Scott McCall pack and was often involved in much of the teenage drama that happened when the group wasn’t fighting off supernatural creatures. Though according to Redditor hybbprqag, this actually wasn’t the case. I feel like Lydia is underutilized when it comes to interpersonal plots. Without Allison as her foil, she seems to be disconnected from the rest of the pack.While Lydia doesn’t immediately become friends with other members of the pack, she later forms close bonds with Scott, Malia, and Stiles especially. Her relationship with Stiles was arguably the most popular ship in the series. So the idea that she wasn’t utilized in interpersonal plots seems a little incorrect.

Stydia Was One Sided

Stiles was arguably Lydia’s best love interest on Teen Wolf, and Stydia was a very popular ship. So any opinions that go against the pairing tend to be considered unpopular. Redditor A1MBoTT states that Stydia was my favorite ship the first time I watched it, but after watching this show nearly 5 times, I realize how one sided it is. Lydia says in Season 6A After I kissed him it all changed. But if it all changed then, why did Lydia date two three more people after, instead of dating Stiles.While the time it took for Lydia to return Stiles’ feelings was a while, according to most viewers, the pairing did seem to be equally sided by the time they actually got together. Moreover after Lydia broke up with Aiden and he died she didn’t get into another relationship until she got with Stiles so it’s not really an accurate statement.

She Was A Damsel In Distress Too Many Times

Lydia was a pivotal member of the Scott McCall pack. She was incredibly smart which helped them research whatever creature they were fighting, and she also had banshee powers which acted as a supernatural compass and then later a fighting ability. But some viewers wanted her to do more and felt that she was made helpless a few too many times.

Her Banshee Powers Weren’t Explored Enough

Lydia becoming a banshee was a great moment in the show. But according to Redditor cjgriff1476 it was strange that Lydia took so long to learn about what being a banshee entails. They stated that She was portrayed as being very smart throughout the whole series and I would have thought she would at least have researched more about herself in the Beastiary. The characters seem to do a lot of research on other supernatural creatures throughout the series and I feel like banshees weren’t spoken about that much. This opinion may be unpopular as the mystery of the banshees was part of the reason they were so great and spooky and it allowed Lydia some plotlines in seasons two and three that were filled with suspense. Since the Argents were completely clueless as to what Lydias supernatural status was in the beginning it’s likely that Banshees were included in the Beastiary either which helped to give this storyline more depth.

Lydia Was A Bad Character In Season One

Lydia remained a main character throughout all six seasons of the show, but according to some Teen Wolf fans, she wasn’t a great character in the first season. Reddit user SouperButtz argues that I actually didn’t even like her at the start of the show. I honestly didn’t expect the writers to give her character any dimensions beyond typical popular high schooler.This opinion is slightly unpopular as Lydia was generally pretty fun to watch in the first season. While she wasn’t fully fleshed out until season two most people enjoyed how catty and power hungry she was in season one. And Lydia still had many iconic lines. Underwritten Perhaps. But unlikeable, Absolutely not.

Lydia Should Have Stayed With Jackson

Lydia has been in a number of relationships throughout the show and her first was with Jackson. The two broke up but according to Reddit user A1MBoTT they were the best pairing I personally LOVED Lydia and Jackson. Even though Jackson was a toxic popular boy they were two narcissists who knew each other like the back of their hands. This opinion tends to be very unpopular since Jackson treated Lydia horribly for most of the time they were together. Lydia was able to grow as a person after the two broke up so her staying with him would have been terrible for her. And obviously this couldnt have happened anyway since Jacksons actor Colton Haynes left the show after season two.

Someone Else Should Have Been Cast As Lydia

When Michael Johnston, who plays Corey Bryant made a jokey TikTok about how he would audition for the role of Lydia, some Redditors claimed that Michael Johnston should have been cast as Lydia. Something that Teen Wolf superfans may only know about Lydia is that actor Holland Roden originally read for Allison Argent. So maybe Johnston could have been cast as Lydia if Roden was Allison.Although this opinion was likely meant as a joke no one really agrees with it. Roden does amazing in the role of Lydia and it would be hard to imagine anyone else playing the part. A male banshee might have been very fun and interesting to see.

Stydia Is Overrated

Stydia is a very popular pairing but for some, this popularity is undeserved.I understand why these two had to end up together from a writing point of view but personally it all just felt a bit rushed by the end of it. Also it was this whole massive buildup but then they never showed any of their relationship afterwards So I get why they did it I just think it could’ve been done better states Reddit user BrookeHannah666.Viewers may agree that their relationship was rushed a little at the end, but most don’t think it’s overrated. Stydia has created some of Teen Wolf’s best episodes, and since Stiles and Lydia are fan favorite characters, their relationship is great to see.

Lydia Should Have Remained Single

Lydia had a lot of great relationships throughout the show, though according to Reddit user AoifeCheeks Lydia Martin is a strong and independent woman who needs no man. I would love to see her being single for a bit and only settling down way way after her doctorate or something. Other fans of the show may disagree with this opinion as many of Lydia’s relationships were the best part of the show, as it allowed for some fun dynamics. Arguably she was single for quite a number of seasons though granted her plots did often feature who she might end up dating. But being in a relationship certainly didnt stop Lydia from being her amazing self.

Marrish Was One Of The Best Relationships In The Show

One of Lydias potential love interests that people seem to have the most issues with is Parrish. This is mainly due to the large age gap between them, as Parrish is a working man and Lydia is still in high school. But according to Redditor BrookeHannah666 I enjoyed the dynamic that these two had and honestly I thought their relationship was one of the healthiest potential pairings in the show. I honestly wish that they developed this relationship more as it had a huge amount of potential. However, I do understand why they didn’t as it made some of the audience uncomfortable which I totally respect. It was for the best that this relationship never fully came to fruition since Lydia had already been in several problematic romances so the writers made the right choice by keeping it platonic.

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