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Simu Liu is on Hot One so get ready for chaos and maybe Kim s Convenience tea

Nothing beats seeing if our favorite celebs can take the heat physically and mentally on the viral YouTube series  Hot Ones. Its Si mu Lius turn in the hot seat and we can only hope he’ll make Canada proud when the episode drops December 2nd.

However  by the looks of his tweets, we are honestly scared for him.Si mu originally teased his appearance last month when he posted an Instagram story with the host of Hot Ones Sean Evans  captioning the painfully hot pic Jesus Christ  why did I do this. He then proceeded to drop minor deets about his dip into the spicy waters of hell to his over 700000 Twitter followers  tweeting that he could not feel his lips due to some  really spicy wings without specifying exactly why he was eating the wings . That left fans to wonder if he finally joined the Hollywood rite of passage by partaking in the YouTube series. Fans were excited but also terrified for the 32 year old actor. As we are anytime someone does this.

Unfortunately  not even having milk on standby could save this poor man.

Truly  it seems nothing can save a star from Sean Evans  spicy interview of doom. We ll find out how Si mu handled it for real on Thursday when the video drops. Until then we have rampant speculation on what will happen when Si mu tackles the array of 10 mild to wildly spicy wings while answering 10 even spicier questions. What Will He  Say? Fans have some ideas. We re selfishly hoping for some spicy questions revolving around his past on Kim s Convenience  but he kinda gave that to us already and maybe we will hear some tea or at least some hilarious stories surrounding Awkward and the other incredible cast members of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? Si mu Liu fans are really getting their fix this week and there are no complaints here. In addition to Hot Ones, Liu also made an appearance on the newest season of the popular reality realtor series  Selling Sunset. And it was just two weeks ago that Si mu guest hosted Saturday Night Live. Please  keep the Liu content coming. BEFORE YOU GO John Choi says he learned a lot of ways to kill a person at Cowboy Bebop Bootcamp8

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