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Schitt’s Creek Alexis’ Famous Catchphrase Is Only Said 3 Times In The Show

Schitt’s Creek had memorable characters and catchphrases. Alexis’ famous catchphrase, however, was uttered far less times than many might think.

Alexis’ famous catchphrase is only said three times throughout Schitt’s Creek, the beloved sitcom that ran for six seasons. The comedy series won several Emmys following its final season in 2020, wrapping up a successful run with an awards sweep that shocked the grateful cast. Schitt’s Creek may have ended, but the show’s many catchphrases including Moira’s Bébé eccentric characters, and heart endure.

Alexis Rose was known for many things, but saying Ew a number of times over the course of Schitt’s Creek was one of them. Perhaps it was the way Annie Murphy delivered her character’s particular line that made it a standout, but it remains one of the most well known phrases from the series. Namely, Ew, David is even more popular than her aforementioned reaction indicating disgust, though it’s said far less often than viewers might expect. In Dan Levy’s book, Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, the actor shares a few behind the scenes stories and facts about Schitt’s Creek, one of which involves the number of times Alexis actually spoke the much recognized catchphrase.According to Levy’s book, Alexis only says Ew, David three times throughout Schitt’s Creek, which is a pretty interesting tidbit considering how iconic the refrain has become in pop culture. There are Ew, David t shirts and mugs, Christmas sweaters, hats, pajamas, and masks among several other products. There are even custom license plates with the catchphrase printed on license plates that are available in most U.S. states at first, there were 22 states beginning in 2020 before it expanded well beyond that. Meanwhile, Etsy sells license plate frames with the catchphrase as well. Ew, David is so well known that fans have yelled the phrase at Levy on the streets, with Levy having joked that the phrase will haunt him forever.

For something that was said so little, the Schitt’s Creek phrase certainly made an impact on audiences. While the phrase was only uttered a few times on Schitt’s Creek, Alexis would always tack on her brother’s name to most of her reactionary phrases including ugh which might explain why fans latched on to Ew, David so much, seemingly combining the two. The ferocity and disgust with which it’s delivered is memorable enough on its own merits, becoming a big part of the cultural zeitgeist, and living on past the show’s series finale to take on a life of its own. It’s indicative of the longevity of Schitt’s Creek that Alexis’ catchphrase became so iconic at all, with the cast especially Murphy and Levy being surprised by how it spiraled to the point that it did to become so significant.

Schitt’s Creek remains one of the funniest and most charming comedies of the last decade and the popularity of Alexis’ catchphrase makes sure that the series will forever be among the rare few that is so widely known that it’s stamped onto so many products. Alexis only saying the phrase three times throughout the entirety of Schitt’s Creek’s run makes it even better because it means it was never overused while the show was still on air, and it might be a while before another comedy comes along with as fantastic a catchphrase as Ew, David.

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