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Grey’s Anatomy Ending: Who Will Meredith Grey End Up With?

Meredith was involved with a couple of people after Derek’s death, and some of them may have the markings to be her happily ever after.

Meredith Grey’s love life has been central to Grey’s Anatomy as much as her career, but after Derek’s death, the few relationships she tried to have were either short-lived or ended tragically after being on and off for a while. Her newest love interest Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), might be the perfect partner for who she is now, but their ending up together cannot be taken for granted. As she grew wiser from the Meredith of the show’s first few seasons, it’s not a given that her happy ending may necessarily include a man.

There is no doubt that Derek’s abrupt death shook her so much that it affected her willingness to share her life with another romantic partner. Meredith was resistant to letting someone in her life, and that could be seen from the kind of relationship she started with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) at first. But the latest seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have also shown how, despite being okay with the idea of finding a new love, Meredith now knows she does not really need one.

There has been a lot of speculation on who the next great love of Meredith Grey might be, especially with Grey’s Anatomy probably nearing its end. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) was brought in as a love interest, recommended by Cristina as such in her conversations with Meredith, and the two shared a genuine connection. Their romantic relationship took quite some time for it to officially start, first with Meredith’s preoccupation with DeLuca and then with her illness, but it ended up quickly due to Hayes’ son’s bad reaction to it. However, given the impending finale of the show, there is a chance the pair could still end up being endgame for Grey’s Anatomy.

That said, with the direction Grey’s Anatomy season 18 took regarding Hayes being Megan Hunt’s next potential love interest, it looks like he may be out of the picture. At the same time, Meredith seemed to have taken the next step in her relationship with Nick Marsh, and he could be a valid option for her. They have a lot in common: they both have a new outlook on life after their illnesses, they have children dependant on them for whom they both care deeply, and they have been interested in one another from the start, flirting with each other even when Nick was Meredith’s patient in season 14.

Nevertheless, Meredith may also choose not to move forward with any new relationship. Things are going well with her and Nick, but they live in different states. As the most recent seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have shown, she always prioritized her children and her sisters. They are her closest family, they have always come first, and they have shown that time and time again, they were the reason for her happiness along with her career. A happy ending for Meredith may include a love interest, or it may not, but it surely needs to include her family.

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