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Brooklyn Nine Nine 7 Times Gina Was The Main Character

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a police procedural comedy following the lives of detectives at Brooklyn 99th police precinct. Brooklyn Nine Nine revolves around Captain Raymond Holt  the 7 detectives Jake Rosa  Amy Terry Charles  Sculley and Hitchcock  and Gina Linnet as the civilian administrator to Captain Holt. Despite not being involved in the crime fighting drama Gina Linnet is an important part of Brooklyn Nine Nine  Gina is a sarcastic  hilarious and outlandish individual. Her narcissism and confidence makes her character a great watch and she is fantastically portrayed by Chelsea Peretti. There are several instances throughout Brooklyn Nine Nine 8 season run where Gina exercised her main character energy even if she left the series in season 6.

7 Studying Abnormal Psychology Season 1  Episode 16  The Party
Gina Linnets psyche is fascinating for fans and characters alike. In The Party  Holt invites his colleagues to his birthday party where him, his husband and their well to do professional friends will be. Viewers know there ll be mishap considering the nine-nine squad aren’t always socially adaptable. Gina is the biggest hit with Holt and Kevin s friends, as those studying Abnormal Psychology find her truly fascinating. Even in season 1 of Brooklyn Nine Nine  Gina character is so well developed that even non fans know this is Gina favorite situation. As the psychologists take notes on her mentality Gina is making several remarks  such as I feel like I m the Paris of people.

6 Becoming Jake Landlady  Season 1 Episode 18  The Apartment
Jake Peralta and Gina Gina Linnet and Jake Peralta have been best friends through childhood, high school, and adulthood. Jake is notoriously irresponsible  trouble making, and a class clown  and his financial situation is even worse. When he hears his apartment building is going co op  he tries to borrow the money from both a bank and a loan shark in order to save his home. Both Gina and Jake are devastated by his possible move as a lot of their childhood was spent in the apartment. When Gina sees Jake bathtub full of mail and his irresponsible purchases she tells him he bankrupt. With that in mind she offers to buy Jake apartment and lease it to him. Its the first time viewers see Gina as sensible  and its very on brand that she d keep her financial situation private.

5 Ginas Unbothered  Season 2  Episode 1  Undercover
Gina Linnet dancing Gina is frequently unbothered by work current events or anything that doesn’t involve her. One instance  in Undercover Jake returns from his stint undercover. As they flash back to what Jake has missed  Rosa mentions the banning of headphones in the office due to ‘The Gina Incident  which is when a fight breaks out between a criminal and several police officers, and Gina is unable to call for help since she too busy listening to music to notice the chaos.

4 Being Kev’s Favorite Season 2  Episode 16 The Wednesday Incident
Kevin and Holt Brooklyn 99 Kevin is Captain Holds husband, and is equally stoic and sensible as his partner. In The Wednesday Incident Jake can tell Captain Holt is in a funk so cashes in a favor from Gina. Gina and Kevin are on good terms as he not a fan of police officers. As Jake and Gina enlist the help of Kevin things aren’t looking good but Jake insists he not to blame for Holt  bad mood. Kevin annoyed at their persistence in Holt s personal life and not being successful in figuring it out storms off only referring to Gina by her surname a notorious sign that Kevin was upset with her. After the trio retraced Holt s steps from Wednesday morning, Jake figures out he was mugged. The muggers weren’t successful and Holt managed to escape unharmed. His bad mood was down to the fact he received a light stabbing. Despite Holt and Kevin s respective annoyance Jake wouldn’t have been able to work out Holt s mood without Gina.

3 Saving Jake And Holt Season 4 Episode 3 Coral Palms Pt 3
Brooklyn 99 Coral Palms Pt 3 Self proclaimed human form of the 100 emoji  Gina Linnet is usually the center of attention much to her delight. Her most famous moment in Brooklyn Nine Nine is saving Jake and Captain Holt from a dangerous criminal. As Jake and Holt reside in Florida as part of the witness protection program, the rest of the 99th precinct head to Florida to help break the case. Gina fully equipped in her full length blanket stays with Holt as the team stage an ambush. Coral Palms Pt 3 sees everything go wrong as the criminal nearly gets away until Gina rams him accidentally with a van. Gina is usually entering a situation at its most chaotic moment, but she manages to save the day.

2 Winning The Heist  Season 4, Episode 5  Halloween IV
Never liking to be underestimated or not included  Gina participates in the precincts yearly Halloween heist. As Amy Jake and Holt try to steal a plaque by midnight, the three have chosen teams. But as she knocks out her two front teeth in a rollerskating incident, she forfeits her place in the heist to fix her teeth. Gina was actually faking the accident in order to win the heist on her own. The lights of the precinct turn off and UV black lights turn on  where a message reads heists are dumb. The heist team conclude Terry must have stolen the plaque, so they head to the interrogation room to confront him. As Terry maintains his innocence  Gina reveals herself as the winner of the heist with the plaque in her possession. In Halloween IV Gina forces the change of the winning title from Amazing detective genius to Ultimate human genius.

1 You Just Drank Cement Season 4 Episode 15 The Last Ride
Gina Linnet exerted her main character energy by rarely actually doing her job. The Last Ride shows Gina live streaming her day at work for her Australian audience, pulling pranks on her coworkers  and generally, doing anything but being an administrator. On her live streaming channel Ginazon Gina records her pranks  like giving Amy a coffee which was actually a cup of cement feeding Scully cement and accidentally saving the day. Finding out that the precinct may close due to lower crime rates, Gina s constant taping caught Captain Holt s moving speech about keeping the city safe, and Gina s followers clumped together to help save the precinct and succeeded.

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