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The Simpsons: 10 Best Crossover Episodes Ranked

With over 700 episodes and counting, its not surprising that The Simpsons has featured quite a few crossover episodes. A crossover is a popular TV staple that brilliantly combines elements from the show fans know and love with those from a completely separate series. The best crossover episodes in the series unsurprisingly usually come from what fans call the classic Simpsons. These are the earliest ten seasons, which contain what is often considered the best examples of high quality episodes from the series. Its safe to say that episodes like A Star is Burns and  The Springfield Files are unforgettable masterpieces, but its worth taking a look at what the rest of the shows most remarkable crossovers have to offer.

10  The Simpsons Guy Family Guy Season 13 Episode

The crossover episode between Family Guy and The Simpsons is memorable for all the wrong reasons. When the Griffins car is stolen, they re forced to stay with the Simpsons family after which Peter finds himself embroiled in a complicated court case about his brewery. As expected from Family Guy there are numerous crass moments that would usually work, if only the Simpsons weren’t around. Part of what may have caused the terrible outcome is that its mostly writers from Family Guy that worked on the episode which is obvious in cringe inducing scenes like Homer and Peters erotic car wash. Even the meta-commentary from Stewie about how it’s a terrible crossover isn’t enough to redeem the disappointing episode.

9  Judge Me Tender Season 21  Episode 23

Judge Me Tender is one of the several Moe episodes in The Simpsons. It focuses on a story about his unexpected rise to fame when he’s invited to become a judge on American Idol. Here he meets the unforgiving Simon Cowell who tricks him into becoming nice, only to be ridiculed in front of the crowd. The aspects that really bring this episode down are the unimpressive cameos by Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres. None of their jokes ever really land and its strange to see The Simpsons promoting American Idol instead of satirizing it. Pair this with an uninteresting subplot and the fact that its the finale for that season and fans get a bland episode that really isn’t worth re watching.

8  Angry Dad  The Movie Season 22, Episode 14
The Simpsons Angry Dad The Movie Angry Dad The Movie is a hidden gem in what fans often refer to as the  HD Simpsons  era or the later seasons of the show. It spotlights the film adaptation of Barts character  Angry Dad which is obviously based on Homer. Its not a typical crossover episode because it doesn’t highlight just one thing  which is part of what makes it exciting. Throughout Barts award winning short film, fans will spot parodies of Wallace and Gromit  Toy Story and even some French adult movies. The star studded episode is unfortunately lackluster  thanks to mediocre performances from actors like Halle Berry  Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais  and more. That said  its still a somewhat amusing episode that deserves a second look for fans looking for great moments in the shows more recent seasons.

7  Missionary: Impossible Season 11, Episode 15
The Simpsons Missionary Impossible Leave it to The Simpsons to be able to criticize the network they were airing on at the time, Fox.   Missionary: Impossible  is essentially a glowing review of and strange crossover with PBS, as Homer single handedly saves the network by pledging money he doesn’t have. This forces him to go into hiding as a missionary on a remote island. The bold episode focuses on social commentary more than comedy  which is why viewers can expect more thought provoking scenarios than gut busting ones. This is a pro and a con  depending on who  watching. Its worth noting that there is a particularly hilarious scene featuring Betty White Big Bird Elmo  and even the Teletubbies chasing Homer through the streets  that alone makes the episode worth watching again at least once

6  Brick Like Me Season 25, Episode 20  7.9
The Simpsons Brick Like Me Things take a delightfully weird turn in one of the most underrated episodes of The Simpsons Brick Like Me.Homer wakes up and thinks its just another day  except audiences know somethings wrong because everything is made of Lego. Viewers watch as he struggles to figure out which world is real and attempts to escape back to his normal animated family. The crossover with the Lego brand is a brilliant way to introduce a completely new look and the compelling story that goes with it is just the cherry on top. Although the episode has been criticized for its glaring similarities to The Lego Movie its worth noting that the pacing, funny jokes  and exciting story line more than make up for its lack of originality.

5  Simpsorama Season 26, Episode 6
The Simpsons and Futurama come together in Homer house in The Simpsons.
It was only a matter of time before fans would receive a much needed crossover between The Simpsons and creator Matt Groenings other hit show, Futurama Simpsorama  delivers exactly what audiences would want from such an episode and more with its wild plot about Bart-inspired aliens from the future and awkward introductions between the Simpsons family and Benders gang.There are tons of comedic moments from start to finish  from Bender drinking beer in the basement to Maggies visit to the racetrack. It isn’t as epic or wacky as even the mediocre episodes on Futurism but for fans of The Simpsons it’s worth it just to see the two worlds collide.

4 The Computer Wore Menace Shoes Season 12 Episode 6

Whether or not fans are familiar with the 1960s show The Computer Wore Menace Shoes parodies its still an entertaining episode. Its crossover with the British sci fi series The Prisoner is prominently featured towards the end of the episode, after Homer encounters zany characters on the island he imprisoned in. Its biting satire that spotlights fake news is more relevant than ever and its not too far fetched to say its one of the best episodes in a great season of The Simpsons. The way Homer falls into a rabbit hole about flu shots could be adapted to fit today events. Its a bizarre choice to reference such an obscure show, though, as the creators could have chosen a number of different movies or series featuring characters stuck on strange islands.

3 24 Minutes Season 18  Episode 21
A still from an episode of The Simpsons titled 24 Minutes. 24 Minutes is undoubtedly the best episode of season 18 as the crossover with the FOX series, 24 packs everything fans love about The Simpsons and boldly breaks the established format to deliver a sharp parody. It starts with Principal Skinners terrible decision to establish a Counter Terrorism Unit in Springfield Elementary  which only encourages fake terrorist attacks and even fart bombs. There are no comedic misfires in the fast paced hilarious spoof. Its social commentary isn’t as scathing as some fans may have hoped but the flawless gags and Nelsons wild antics make it a particularly impressive episode in the HD Simpsons era.

2 A Star Is Burns Season 6 Episode 18

The Springfield film festival has a special guest judge in A Star is Burns as Jay Sherman from the canceled show The Critic has decided to visit. Townspeople like Mr. Burns Hans and Barney all submit their masterpieces hoping the arbitrarily selected panel will choose them and reward them with a lifetime supply of Duff Beer. The somewhat controversial episode was heavily criticized by Greening who even went as far as having his name removed from the credits. This didn’t stop the crossover from receiving positive reviews, though, with fans often citing Barneys unforgettable short film about alcoholism Pukahontas as the highlight of the episode.

1 The Springfield Files Season 8 Episode 10

The Springfield Files is a shining example of a crossover episode done right. Popular characters from The X-Files make an appearance when Homer suspects a potential alien in Springfield. A wild hunt ensues that eventually consumes the entire town, only to end abruptly when they discover the true identity of the supposed alien.The highly rated episode has well timed visual gags, recognizable references, and a hilarious story. People who have never even heard of The X Files are still likely to enjoy the wacky narrative and remember the squeaky voice that reminds them to keep watching the skis.

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