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The Blacklist: The 5 Most Heartbreaking Moments. Part II

The Blacklist has no shortage of heartbreaking moments, from character deaths to close relationships coming to an end and everything in between.

From character deaths to close relationships coming to an end. The most crushing scenes are those that have a particularly devastating impact on the characters, their relationships, and what they are fighting to protect and defend.

Elizabeth’s Funeral

Elizabeth’s funeral in season 3 is a somber moment. While she faked her death, the Task Force and the audience don’t know it’s a lie. The most heartbreaking moment of the funeral is a tearful Aram struggling to get through his heartfelt eulogy to Elizabeth.

Even though Elizabeth isn’t really dead, it’s still difficult to watch Aram and the rest of the Task Force grieving and struggling to come to terms with the loss of their beloved friend and partner. Their profound grief is real and for better or for worse, that makes her supposed death all the more convincing to everyone else.

Reddington And Dembe Part Ways

When Dembe keeps it a secret that Elizabeth is the one responsible for landing Reddington in prison–which nearly led to Reddington receiving capital punishment–the secret drives a wedge in Reddington and Dembe’s close relationship.

While Reddington forgives Dembe for keeping this secret from him, Dembe believes it is best for him to chart his own path and for them to part ways. Their tight-knit relationship was always a staple of the show and something that seemed unbreakable. Seeming them part ways and for their bond to be threatened like that felt wrong and deeply upsetting, and is only tempered by the fact that Dembe returns later on and their relationship is restored.

Matias Solomon Kidnaps Dembe’s Granddaughter


In a captivating episode at the start of The Blacklist’s season 3, Matias Solomon kidnaps a child, although the reasons behind his actions are unclear. His horrific choice becomes even more monstrous when Dembe meets with his distraught daughter and the audience learns that the kidnapped child is Dembe’s granddaughter.

Little information had been revealed about Dembe’s personal life at that point. It was a shock to learn that he had a daughter and a grandchild, and it was even worse knowing that these innocent lives of his loved ones were being harmed as a way for the Cabal to target Reddington and those closest to him.

Mr. Kaplan Loses The Love Of Her Life


Before she became Reddington’s cleaner and close advisor, Mr. Kaplan was known as Kate. The fantastic season 4 episode “Requiem” reveals her origin story, the most devastating part of which is when she and the love of her life, Annie Kaplan, are shot.

When Kate regains consciousness, she learns that Annie died from the gunshot wounds. Especially after seeing the love Kate and Annie had for each other, it is brutal to see her experiencing this loss and for the audience to understand the deeper and tragic meaning behind Mr. Kaplan’s name.

Glen’s Mother Shares That Her Son Passed Away

After actor Clark Middleton passed away, The Blacklist dedicated an episode to honor the legacy of his fan-favorite character Glen Carter. In the season 8 episode “The Wellstone Agency,” Reddington and Dembe meet Glen’s mother, who shared that her son passed away from the West Nile virus.

This is the same disease that Clark Middleton passed away from. Between this and Reddington’s grief and shock upon hearing about the loss of Glen, the moment that Glen’s mother shares the news feels almost too real. The episode goes on to serve as a beautiful tribute to the character and the fantastic on-screen relationship between Glen and Reddington after the initial sharing of the terrible news.

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