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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Finally Went Too Far With Morgan

Since season 6, Fear the Walking Dead has properly evolved Morgan’s character & his morals but a season 7 episode just went in the wrong direction.

Spinoff Fear the Walking Dead has succeeded in properly evolving Morgans character for some time now, but the show just went in the wrong direction in a season 7 episode. A twist in Fear the Walking Dead season 7 episode 7 titled The Portrait revealed that Morgan Lennie James tried to kill Victor Strand Colman Domingo by poisoning him with Methylene Blue. Though it was an extreme act, Morgan believed that Strand’s recent activities in Fear the Walking Dead justified his decision.There was a time when killing wasn’t a solution that Morgan would even consider. Over the years, Morgan has waffled more than once over his no killing rule as his views have constantly changed.The Fear the Walking Dead season 6 premiere served as a major turning point for the character by having him decide that killing is sometimes necessary to protect his people. Since then Morgan has managed to continue on as the moral compass of the show while also expressing a willingness to kill his enemies without hesitation. He doesn’t agonize over the morality of his actions as much as he did in earlier seasons which made this evolution a positive step for his character.
Fear the Walking Dead has certainly found a great degree of consistency with Morgan’s current approach to killing but the series went too far in the season 7 episode The Portrait. Strand was shocked when he found out that Morgan was the one who poisoned him and for good reason.It was an out of character moment that contrasted with who he is in the series. While it’s true that Morgan has developed a stronger sense of confidence when it comes to making hard decisions, the character crossed a line when he poisoned Strand. Since adopting his new moral code, Morgan has only killed when his enemies have forced him into that situation, but poisoning Strand can’t be justified as easily as the character’s previous kills.

Morgan had no reason to kill Strand at least at this moment. He doesn’t know that Strand murdered Will in the Fear the Walking Dead season 7 premiere nor has he seen anything from Strand that proves he’s evil. Worse, the way he went about it was an approach that went against his moral principles. Deception doesn’t suit Fear the Walking Dead’s Morgan at all, yet that’s exactly what he did in The Portrait. Instead of directly confronting Strand, Morgan secretly poisoned him while asking for help. Morgan’s defense in the episode is that he didn’t have a choice, but in reality, it didn’t take much to push him to that point.

Morgan is angry at him for picking and choosing who to help, but that doesn’t mean Strand deserved to be killed for it. Morgan said he would come after Strand if he tried to hurt any of his friends, but the character hasn’t done that. By poisoning Strand, Morgan just unnecessarily escalated their conflict. He may have just become the reason that Victor Strand turns into a full-fledged villain in Fear the Walking Dead season 7. If there were any chance of avoiding a fight with Strand, Morgan just ruined it.

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