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Child’s Play Creator Poses With An Army of Chucky Dolls in New BTS Image

Child s Play Don Mancini posts a cursed image on Instagram, featuring the director standing amongst an infinite army of Chuck y dolls.

Child s Play creator Don Mancini poses with an army of Chuck y dolls in a new behind the scenes image. Mancini directed and wrote Syfy and USA recent Chuck y TV series, which aired this Fall. The series is meant as a sequel to Cult of Chuck y the seventh movie in the series, which Mancini also wrote and directed. Mancini has written all of the films in the Child Play series since the first came out in 1988. Now  Mancini has produced yet another piece of chilling media with a new behind the scenes picture shared on Instagram. In the image  the horror director stands among an army of infinite tiny terrors, wearing a Chuck y season 1 t shirt. He wearing a mask which may protect him from COVID but not from the wrath of a million little demons. Heres Mancini post below Mancini captions the post See u in  22, when Chuck y will return with what looks like an army of clones. Chuck y was renewed for a second season in November by USA and Syfy. At the end of season

1  Tiffany and Chuck y lead a cult of identical Chuck y replica dolls with the intention of giving them to kids around the country. While multiple Chuck y dolls are killed at the end of the season its clear that plenty more will return come season 2.Chuck y season 1 takes place after the seventh film in the series and follows teenage Jake Wheeler in Hacken sack  New Jersey. Jake buys a Chuck y doll possessed by the serial killer Charles Lee Ray  who commits murders for which Jake becomes the prime suspect. Although Chuck y Prime doesn’t appear to survive the season, by the looks of Mancini post he ll find a way to return.

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