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Brooklyn Nine Nine The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

There no question that Brooklyn Nine Nine featured some of the best most complex  and most likable characters in recent TV memory. There were standouts right from the pilot episode but the reason the show remained a hit for so long was the way it continued to introduce fresh people onto the scene. Following the inaugural season, Brooklyn Nine Nine debuted some of its most memorable supporting characters. They ranged from romantic interests to villains to parents to fellow police officers who worked for or against the 99th Precinct. A few might even be considered better characters than some who showed up in season 1.

10 Philip Davidson
Andy Sam berg, Andre Braugher  and Sterling K. Brown in The Box episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine
It’s hard to be considered among the best characters in an eight season series when you only appear in a single episode. So, the fact that Philip Davidson is included is a testament to how great his appearance was. Played by the iconic Sterling K. Brown, Davidson was as good a one off villain as you’ll find. His episode The Box is seen as one of the show greatest. Mostly a bottle episode, Davidson is interrogated by Jake and Captain Holt throughout, always remaining one step ahead of them until he finally cracks. Browns performance even earned him an Emmy nomination.

9 Debbie Fogle

One of the latest additions to the show came in the form of Debbie Fogle Vanessa Bayer. She is one of many characters played by a Saturday Night Live alum, joining series lead Andy Sam berg in that department. Debbie arrived as Holt s partner when he was demoted to patrolman. What made Debbie intriguing was that she came off as naive and kind of dim-witted when viewers first saw her only to reveal that she was working for a major crime boss. Although she stole guns and drugs from evidence, the fact that a lot of her bad decisions stemmed from her family treating her poorly led to people like Rosa empathizing with her.

8 Seamus Murphy
Seamus Murphy eats cotton candy Unlike some other villains in the series, Seamus Murphy Paul Adel stein didn’t get a ton of time to develop as a character but he was still a detestable person. Seamus proved helpful early, providing information that managed to put away another antagonist. However  it put Captain Holt in his debt, which forced the heroic figure to do terrible deeds. When the 99 helped out, Seamus threatened Kevin life making him one of the scariest villains since he tried to kill off a beloved character and the show needed someone like that to add to the drama.

7 Frank Sullivan

An addition to the series in its final season, Frank Sullivan John C. McKinley  was almost too realistic of a character despite being way over the top. He was the president of the Patrolman’s Union and believed that no cop could do any wrong, twisting the truth of every situation to fit his desires. That made him easy to hate as whenever the good officers at the 99 did something to make the city a better place, he was a thorn in their side. Although someone the audience had no reason to cheer for, O Sullivan was a good character because he was a great villain and represented something important for the show to talk about.

6 Trudy Judy

In the eyes of many fans the best recurring character on Brooklyn Nine Nine is Doug Judy Craig Robinson also known as the Pontiac Bandit. His rivalry friendship with Jake Peralta was always a highlight so it was interesting when his sister debuted. Trudy Judy Nicole Beyer also had a knack for pulling off surprise twists and she even took over for Doug as the Pontiac Bandit. In all of her episodes Trudy was hilarious, had great chemistry with her brother and Jake, and always left a lasting impression.

5 Caleb John Gosche

There was an interesting time on the show when Jake had to do time in prison. While there, he met a surprising friend in his cellmate Caleb John Gosche Tim Meadows, another SN L alum a man who was in jail due to being a cannibal and murderer. Although he has done some truly horrible things  Caleb was a legitimate friend to Jake even saving his life at one point. Tim Meadows brought a ton of charm to the role managing to make you laugh at someone who was a terrible person. He returned to help the squad at a later date but still wanted to eat them instead.

4 Roger Peralta

Jake’s daddy issues were evident as soon as the show began. It’s a major reason for his immature nature in the early episodes and is a driving force of his relationship with Holt. The introduction of his father Roger Peralta Bradley Whit ford helped shine more of a light on everything. Roger first showed up in season 2 and appeared in a handful of episodes until nearly the final season. He left Jake at an early age and ultimately did his best on the series to reconcile and have a relationship with him. Though certainly not the best person or role model, he was always an entertaining character.

3 Melanie Hawkins

While this show had its fair share of antagonists, Melanie Hawkins Gina Gershon stood out as the best of the bunch. The head of the most elite task force in the NYPD Hawkins was someone who both Jake and Rosa looked up to. Their competition to get on her team ultimately revealed that she was crooked and leading a string of bank robberies. She made such a good villain because she hid behind a seemingly righteous facade and when the heroes challenged her, they lost as Rosa and Jake ended up in prison in season 5. Of course, they won out in the end but she was still hard to defeat.

2 Madeline Wuntch
Brooklyn 99 Madeline wuntch For most of season 1 it was difficult to get Holt out of his shell. He’d show flashes but mostly remained stoic and did his job without cracking many jokes. That’s why it was such a change of pace to see him butt heads with Madeline Wuntch Kyra Edgewise starting with season 2. She was the ultimate foil for Holt as he d throw out childish insults at her only for her to respond with her own quips. It was two grown adults with high ranking positions acting like kids and it was fantastic. Sometimes the best supporting characters are the ones who bring out the best in a main character which Wuntch did with Holt.

1 Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento crossing his arms and smiling in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It seems like Jason Mantzou kas has made a career out of playing the most absurd and wild characters possible. He did it on The League and Parks and Recreation but his wackiest was possibly Adrian Pimento, a detective who spent over a detective undercover. During that time  Pimento was clearly impacted by the things he saw working for a crime boss and it made him unstable. He was extremely unpredictable which made for some of the show’s best scenes. His relationship with Rosa was intense often terrifying  and actually kind of sweet. Through it all  he remained a good person at heart too.

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