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Below Deck Captain Lee Reveals Thoughts On Drama & Friendship With Eddie

Captain Lee shares his thoughts about the current season of Bravo’s Below Deck. The stud of the sea feels like chef Rachel redeemed herself.

Below Decks Captain Lee shared his thoughts on the current seasons drama and his friendship with Eddie while speaking with Screen Rant. The seaworthy captain, who wasn’t meant to star on the Bravo show originally is now a fan favorite. Thanks to his witty one liners  he has earned a place as the most enjoyable Captain to watch. Below Deck is easily seen as the jewel of Bravo amongst a sea of other popular series. Followers of the nautical show get a behind the scenes look at the drama within the crew members who work and live aboard the mega yacht. The show is popular amongst fans and with critics as it was nominated for an Emmy. Most would argue that Captain Lees personality has a lot to do with the accolades. After spending more than two decades at sea Captain Lee has a well deserved place behind the wheel  calling the shots.

Screen Rant had the honor to speak to the distinguished Captain Lee about the current season of Below Deck. Not only was the captain genuinely humble, but he really was as down to earth as you see him act on the show. He touched on his friendship with Eddie Lucas who is his first officer noting that what attracts him to wanting to help Eddie is how he has matured over the last five years. Captain Lee revisited the fact that Eddie hit a couple of rocky spots, no pun intended but he has the willingness to do the right thing and learn. You can see sometimes I’m coming down on him pretty hard and you see him biting his lip. The Bravo star also shared a piece of advice when it comes to a true friendship insisting If somebody is really your friend they are going to make those difficult statements to you. They are going to tell you when you are going down the wrong road or screwing up.

Eddie and captain lee huggin goodbye on below deck

Fans will recall that chef Rachel Hargrove left a lasting impression on the captain when she told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine  but evidently she has redeemed herself from last season. When asked if Rachel had gotten back in his good graces Captain Lee quipped, I would think so. So far. Her food has never missed a beat. You have to really be careful when eating chef Rachel’s food cause it can get away from you. And as for how much his compliment toward third stew Jess Albert shocked the interior crew he noted I didn’t see what they were seeing. Captain Lee stood by his statement claiming All I said to Jess was I think its nice to see you finally getting out of your shell and relax a little bit. I thought that was really good. I could see she was struggling and I just wanted to let her know that someone is paying attention to her struggle and encourage her to get through it. In the final words of Captain Lee How effervescent do you have to be to be in the laundry room?

Bravo viewers were thrilled to see Captain Lee report back for duty and take over from Captain Sean Meager. The current season of Below Deck is still in full swing as the crew certainly has their hands full. While they have had some decent charter guests and nice tips  the season has only just begun  meaning there is a ton more in store for fans.

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