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13 Reasons Why 5 Actors Who Nailed Their Roles & 5 Who Fell Short

13 Reasons Why  quality was ever divisive due to its controversial subject matter  questions over the validity of creative decisions  and an ever increasing need for more dramatic plots. Nonetheless  the series acting is typically held in high standard, with the cast by and large giving sensitive and nuanced performances that capture the struggles of teenager hood  even when taken to extreme levels. Some actors do a stellar job giving life and depth to their characters while others fall short of 13 Reasons Why standards leaving their characters flat, unrealistic or simply unconvincing.

10 Nailed It  Alisha Boe Has The Most Emotional Turns As Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis outside the high school in Thirteen Reasons Why Jessica Davis is Hannah former best friend, and the girlfriend of antagonistic figure Justin Foley. She becomes more central to the plot as 13 Reasons Why progresses, driving story lines about sexual assault and the treatment of victims, as well as the impact endured by survivors. Alisha Boe has some of the most daunting requirements for her acting with highly emotional story lines but she manages each time  selling perfectly the ups and downs of Jessica life relationships and causes.

9 Fell Short Justin Prentice Performance Degrades After Bryce Death
Bryce glaring in class in Thirteen Reasons Why An unusual narrative turn in 13 Reasons Why is how a character’s death often doesn’t mark the end of their appearances. Other than Hannah Baker receiving flashbacks after her death she also appears as a hallucination to characters as does Bryce Walker following his death in season 3. Prentice delivered an excellent performance as Bryce despite the challenge of playing such a terrible person. Fans are far less sold on his attempts to play a more sympathetic Bryce following his death  both in flashbacks and in hallucinations. Prentice works as a villain, but not as a tragic atone.

8 Nailed It: Devin Druid Tackles Difficult Subject Matter As Tyler
Tyler leaning against a locker in 13 Reasons Why Tyler s character is a relatively minor one in the earliest seasons of 13 Reasons Why receiving less attention than others despite being a recipient of one of the tapes. Throughout season 2 Tyler gains prominence, and ultimately has the seasons final tragic story line. Another survivor of sexual assault Tyler is used to explore the rarely depicted process of recovery for men following an assault as well as his abortive attempt to take his anger out on the entire school through a shooting. While the subject matter and delivery were controversial Tyler actor Devin Druid portrayed it perfectly.

7 Fell Short Grace Saif Has A Near Impossible Task As Ani
Grace Saif as Ani Thirteen Reasons Why Beginning with season 3 the duties of central character and narrator are given to new student Ani Achola. To justify Anis knowledge and make the plot work, she is loved by everybody in a short space of time a case of 13 Reasons Why more criticized writing turns. To maintain a suspension of disbelief Grace Saif would have to make Ani almost impossibly charismatic and likable to justify how central she becomes to every ones social lives. Despite a good performance Saif is unable to prop up the writing resulting in a character who largely annoyed fans.

6 Nailed It Brandon Flynn Holds The Show Together As Justin Foley
Justin Foley in his hoodie in 13 Reasons Why Beginning 13 Reasons Why as an antagonistic figure, Justin Foley ends up becoming one of the central protagonists of the show. His story lines follow his time as a sex worker his drug addiction and relapse, his adoptive familial relationships  and his death from HIV. While the writing of his story lines has been called out by some  Flynn gives an excellent turn as Justin managing to successfully transition him from an antagonist to one of the most sympathetic characters while feeling consistently like one person.

5 Fell Short Timothy Granaderos Can’t Sell Monty In Love
Monty after a fight in Thirteen Reasons Why Beginning with 13 Reasons Whys second season, Monty swiftly becomes one of the shows most contemptible figures, with fans despising him for his bullying ways, antagonistic presence, and especially for position as an unrepentant rapist. Seasons 3 and 4 follow Monty relationship with Winston, with which he falls in love after assaulting him. Timothy Grandiose is perfectly capable of depicting Monty as a villainous figure but attempting to sell him wholesomely or helplessly in love rings hollow against the rest of his performance and those scenes are hard to take seriously especially with their plot importance.

4 Nailed It Christian Navarro Steals The Show As Tony
Tony Padilla in his repair shop in Thirteen Reasons Why Tony Padilla is a major character from the start in 13 Reasons Why  one of Hannah last friends who acts as a strange friend to Clay  and later other characters. Tony role bounces back and forth between compassionate teen who is wise beyond his years to a tired youth struggling with anger issues. But Navarro keeps the character feeling consistent  and also hilarious. His acting skills make his struggles feel real  but never unemployable to watch  leaving Tony as one of the more popular characters of the cast.

3 Fell Short Bryce Cass Is One note As Cyrus
Cyrus with his crowd of friends in Thirteen Reasons Why While 13 Reasons Why major characters get a lot of focus, less prominent characters often fade into the background until it is their turn to play a part in the plot. Cyrus is Tyler one time friend and scene kid who gets more tangentially involved with the school’s happenings. Despite an interesting look, and some amusing antics, Bryce Cass doesn’t manage to deliver a performance quite on par with the rest of the cast.

2 Nailed It  Miles Heizer Shows Range As Alex Stand all
Alex Stand all sitting on the bleachers in Thirteen Reasons Why While always a main character  Alex Standalls main role in the first season of 13 Reasons Why is as a former friend of Hannahs who receives a tape after making a hot or not list that sees Hannah lose friendships and become harassed at school. Alexa character rapidly endures brutal character development attempting suicide out of guilt with 13 Reasons Why following his recovery from brain damage as a result. Through his various story lines  Heizer perfectly portrays Alex range whether he is at an awkward party struggling with his memories or murdering Bryce.

1 Fell Short Dylan Minnette Buckles Under The Weight Of Clay Jensen
Clay Jensen with a wound on his head in Thirteen Reasons Why Dylan Minnette does not give a bad performance as Clay Jensen but when compared to many of the characters around him he simply fails to make Clay more compelling than they are  particularly after the shows first season.Not helped by sometimes frustrating writing Minette never manages to elevate the material he working with to a higher level. Clay often falls behind the other cast members rather than being the anchor 13 Reasons Why is based around.

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