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Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale has some advice for reboot cast

Pretty Little Liars came to an end four years ago, but as we’ve come to expect these days, a reboot of the teen drama is already well under way.The revival which will air on HBO Max in the US will go by the new name of Original Sin and along with a new home and a new title its set to introduce a whole new cast. Lucy Hale who played Aria Montgomery in Roberto Aguirre Sacasa series has now offered the new secret keepers some sweet advice as they embark on re-imagining PILL for a new generation.

Pretty Little Liars reboot boss unveils first look at new cast

Oh my god its so depressing that I already have to give advice to a new generation she joked to TV Line recently. But I think its great. It’s an hon our that they want to continue the legacy of Pretty Little Liars. Offering a pearl of wisdom to the new cast  Hale advised her successors to enjoy the moment and not get too caught up in the future. I have a feeling their lives are about to drastically change like ours did. When I was doing Pretty Little Liars I was always thinking about the next year  the actress explained.

pretty little liars season 4

I was never in the moment so I missed a lot of the little moments. We were worrying about things we shouldn’t be worrying about. Its very vague but my advice is just to enjoy it. Sharing her support for Original Sin Lucy added Its a once in a lifetime experience. People are going to love you guys and i m definitely going to be watching. All the love to everyone involved. pretty little liars original sin cast bale madisonmaia reficco and chandler Kinney

 Pretty Little Liars reboot adds Bat woman and Black ish stars

The stars advice for the new cast comes shortly after Hale admitted its unlikely she and her former cast mates will be involved in the reboot in any capacity. Pretty Little Liars, as well as its previous revival Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists are available to watch now on BBC i Player

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