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Legacies Teds Crossing Over Trick Doesnt Make Sense

The Necromancer fooled The Originals spinoff hero Landon into thinking he was good now, but how did Ted trick the Ferryman in Legacies season 4.

Season 4 of The Originals spinoff Legacies featured a canny trick from recurring villain Ted, aka the Necromancer, but the moment doesn’t make sense upon further inspection. For its first few seasons, Legacies was not a lot like its predecessors, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, in terms of tone. Set in the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, the paranormal soap was a fast-paced and comparatively light hearted series with little of the tragedy and pathos found throughout both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

Instead, Legacies had a campy sense of humor that made it stand out from its predecessors, although not all of the franchise’s fans cared for this change. Death was not particularly impactful in the world of Legacies and therefore many plots had little in the way of stakes. However Legacies season 4 has gone a long way to fixing this issue, killing off series stars Landon and Alaric seemingly for good while also turning former heroine Hope into a bonafide villain.However Legacies season 4 still stumbles when it comes to making its knotty plotting add up. For example, the closing scene of ‘You’re a Long Way from Home season 4 episode 6 was intended to set up a bombshell ending revelation, but falls apart under scrutiny. In the scene, former foes Landon and Ted debate how to escape limbo only for The Vampire Diaries star Alaric to join them there. This shocking moment proves his character is closer to death than many viewers imagined, but the preceding scene doesn’t make much sense outside of setting up Alaric’s appearance due to the confusing rules of limbo’s magical ferryman.

Ted, aka the Necromancer can’t cross over to the afterlife after death unless he proves he has some purity in his soul. Without a token to pay the ferryman, he is stranded in purgatory with Landon seemingly for eternity. However, when offered a token by Landon, the penitent Ted offers to wait with Landon instead of taking the chance to cross over. This selfless act proves that he is decent after all and ironically earns Ted a token. This prompts the gleeful Ted to celebrate and prepare to leave Landon stranded since this was secretly his plan all along. However if Legacies season 2 and 3 villain Ted was granted the token by magic, wouldn’t the same magic have been able to tell that the Necromancer was still up to his old tricks and had not changed inside when he promised to stick with Landon.

It is a confusing plot hole since the tokens magically appear and seem to be handed out based on an internal sense of goodness not an external appearance thereof. As a result there is no reason that Ted tricking Landon would also have fooled the ferryman, whose only power and purpose appear to be separating those who can pass through from those who must remain in limbo. In the context of the Legacies season 4 episode this confusion is brushed aside by Alaric’s sudden appearance shocking both characters and the viewers but the issue is still never explained. Whether Legacies will ever address this issue or The Originals spinoff will use Alaric’s arrival as an opportunity to avoid the limbo plotline however remains to be seen.

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