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Arrowverse: The Most Heartwarming Moments In Supergirl

For six seasons, Supergirl filled fans with hope and joy, and these moments stood out as the most heartwarming.

Now that the CW series Supergirl has ended after its sixth season, fans all over the world will miss the show, but they know that Supergirl and her super friends, with their familiarity, will remain a very important part of the Arrowverse for many years to come.

Barry Allen Travels To Earth-38 And Meets Kara

One of the moments that cemented the Arrowverse as a whole is when the Flash met Supergirl during “Worlds Finest”. In this episode, Barry traveled to Earth-38 by accident and met Kara after saving her from falling from a building. Even though they are both taken aback in confusion at the beginning, soon they discover an ally in each other, as well as a shared passion for food.

Since Barry and Kara are so good-hearted by nature, it is not surprising that their friendship is also filled with very wholesome moments. Another great example of their dynamic is The Flash episode “Duet”, which showcases them as singers during an attack by Music Meister.

Alex Comes Out Of The Closet

One of the fandom’s favorite arcs in the show is Alex’s coming-out story. Once Maggie enters her life, Alex understands her sexuality and after making peace with herself, she looks for support from her sister. Kara’s first reaction is one of confusion, which angers Alex.

Regardless, after a heart-to-heart on the matter, the Girl of Steel lets her sister know that she’s not alone and they both share a hug and a beautiful conversation. This coming-out story remains in many Supergirl fans’ hearts together with many other LGBTQ+ moments in the DC Universe, like Nia’s coming out as Dreamer and as a trans woman.

Cat Grant Gives Supergirl A Lesson On Happiness

There are several moments in the show when Cat Grant hits Kara with her wisdom, but very few where Supergirl is the recipient of said lessons. During “Resist,” after Mon-El and Lena get trapped in an alien spaceship about to be blown up, Supergirl faces a tough decision: choosing between the people she loves and the greater good.

While the hero is affected by this, Cat Grant reminds her that true happiness can only be found in human connection and encourages her to keep fighting to rescue her boyfriend and her best friend. Another motivational moment during this episode occurs when Ms. Grant uses a speech to inspire National City to resist the alien invasion.

Supergirl and Superman Get Honest With Each Other

As two of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, it is not a surprise that Kal-El and Kara tend to avoid showing vulnerability. Because of this, those moments when they show their feelings are very much appreciated.

After Argo’s destruction during the Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover, Superman and his cousin share a conversation about the nature of their powers and the responsibilities that they both carry on their shoulders. While Clark feels defeated, Kara believes they can still save the world and delivers a speech that reminds Superman how important their fight is. A very fitting attitude for the Paragon of Hope.

Kara Shows Appreciation To J’onn And Alex For Sharing Her Journey

During the last scene of the 100th episode of the show, Kara shares a special moment with her sister Alex and with J’onn J’onzz, their former boss and father figure, also known as Martian Manhunter. During dinner, Kara reflects on how much Alex and J’onn have helped her since she became Supergirl and lets them know how much she appreciates it.

They both agree that the affection is mutual and the three of them toast with french fries and a hearty “Stronger Together,” the House of El’s emblematic phrase. This moving scene is very fitting to end a special episode since the three of them share screen time from the very beginning, no matter how much the show has changed.

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