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The Grand Tour Presents Carnage A Trois All you need to know about the lockd own special

The Grand Tour trio are back  and this time  they re casting an eye across the English Channel to delve into the bizarre world of French motoring.

After their first Loch down special took Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to the highlands of Scotland, their latest episode sees them stay in the UK to examine how the French attitudes towards life are reflected in their cars, their driving habits and in the rules of the road. In the hour long special The Grand Tour Presents Carnage A Trois  the three seek to answer several burning questions Why are French cars so weird? Why don t French drivers look after their motors? And why is French pop music so rubbish? On the way they uncover fascinating French laws race the hottest hatchbacks the country has to offer and imagine how a Renault Megane ad might have looked in the hands of an avant garde director.

Where was Carnage A Trois filmed?
Travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic prevented the Grand Tour crew from filming outside the UK, and so Carnage A Trois was filmed in England and Wales from the Black Mountains of the Welsh border to the White Cliffs of Dover

What cars do the hosts drive?
Clarkson, Hammond and May take a whole hypermarch car parks worth of French cars on the road, up mountains and around the racetrack. Jeremy drops croissant crumbs over the interior of a Citroen CX Safari Richard ponders the logic behind the Matra Murenas three front seats while James wrestles with the doors of the Renault Avantime. Six hot hatches are taken for a spin around a Kent racetrack while the trio go off roading à la franchise by driving three family cars over terrain normally reserved for 4x4s.The team also get the measure of a Renault 4 s wonky wheelbase, submit that gallic icon a Citroen 2CVto the ultimate stress test and  in a stunning finale  attempt to send the horrid Citroen Pluriel back to the land of its maker in typical Grand Tour style.

Richard Hammond even takes one of the oddest vehicles ever produced in France or anywhere for that matter for a spin  a propeller driven car.It had an internal combustion engine on it but it powered a propeller rather than driving the wheels through a prop shaft and drive shafts Hammond explains. Some French person thought Yep  a propeller powered car  dont see any problems with that . More incredibly  hundreds of French people then said Yes I ll buy one got to drive it and it was utterly terrifying. It was really quite alarming with this big blender proceeding down the road ahead of me.

Will there be more lockd own specials?
After filming the two UK based specials Grand Tour producer Andy  hopes that the team will get back on the road  and out of the country  very soon. The immediate future is that were now hoping that as much as we ve enjoyed doing these lock down ones we re getting our passports out of the drawers again, and we re off to foreign climes. Thats what our focus is on now he says.

When can I watch Carnage A Trois?
The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday December 17. Don’t miss The Green Knight, Nine Perfect Strangers, Clarkson’s Farm, Cinderella and more.

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