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The Big Bang Theory Progressively Crazier Penny & Sheldon Friendship Quiz

You’ll need a massively over the odds knowledge of Sheldon and Penny to get 100% on this quiz.

Of all the one on one character dynamics in The Big Bang Theory, there are few as interesting or entertaining as the two hander between Sheldon and Penny.Though they couldn’t be much more different in many ways, that hasn’t stopped fans shipping them since the show’s early days, and wondering quite whether that fiery chemistry could’ve become something more in another life. But of course, Sheldon and Penny ultimately stayed just friends and that was probably for the best. Instead, we got to see their initialy frosty friendship bloom into something truly loving and platonic. Pretty much every single episode of the series boasted at least one memorable, hilarious exchange between the two, but just how well do you remember some of their most iconic moments together. Yet because we wouldn’t want to make it too easy for you, you’ll need a massively over the odds knowledge of Sheldon and Penny’s friendship to get 100% on this quiz. As we go along, each question becomes trickier than the one before it, so don’t let those easy earlier questions lure you into a false sense of security. This will get tricky.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck, The Big Bang Theory depicts the lives of a group of weird scientist friends who constantly make fun of each others’ careers sex lives failed dates and relationships. But somehow, through all the jokes and sarcastic comments, they remain really close. The vivid example would be the bitterness between Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz, which, according to Sheldon’s eidetic memory started the Not So Great How Dini Wolowitz. Howard came up with many hurtful, yet funny nicknames for Sheldon, like C 3P wee Herman and R2 D Bag. Sheldon, in turn responded to the decade-long progression of insults, pranks and unwanted magazine subscriptions by tapping the juicy vein that is Howard’s profession, career and, of course, magic tricks. However, these two survived an airplane turbulence together, which is like the hardest test of friendship, especially when you are a scared little astronaut or a giant baby. Let’s see if you can survive the hardest Howard Sheldon quotes quiz. Do these quotes belong to the Engineer or the Theoretical Physicist.

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