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Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2s Biggest Plot Holes and Unanswered Questions

In Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2, Teela journey becomes even more complicated as she has to fend off Skeletor in demigod mode  as well as Evil Lyn, who also wields the Power of Gray skull. Her destiny is even more tangled when she starts learning of her past and how the Sorceress is actually her mom. But as all these threads collide, we’re left with gaping plot holes and some unanswered questions.

Why Is He Man Shocked At Skeletors Betrayal?

He Man eventually gives some of the power to Skeleton after Lyn betrays the villain, wanting Skeleto to know what it’s like to be a hero. But like clockwork, when Lyn outside the castle fighting Tee la Skeletor tries to backstab He Man. We don’t know why He Man shocked, though, as this is Skeletal very nature, plus he hates the Eternian protector so it should be expected.

Why Does Skeletor Suck At Killing?

Skeleton opens the series with a de powered Adam yet he toys with him and offers loquacious speeches. He also has a moment in battle where he can stab Man at Arms, yet refuses to, wanting prisoners. Even later on when Adam takes the sword and transforms, Skeleton is next to Adam and has a chance to kill him and take the power again but he watches on. It a major discrepancy and admittedly just plot convenience to keep rivalries going.

Why Didn’t He Man De power Skeletor?

Adam calls down the power without the sword, in Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2
Seeing as He Man then gives Skeleton power once the villain betrayed him, he should have been able to recall the power and make him ordinary again. The series plays fast and loose with these rules but seeing as Lyn used the sword herself  we understand why He Man can’t reverse her god mode. That said  he should easily be able to recall Skeleton upgrade as he controlled that flow of mystical energy.

What Happened To Beast Man And Scare Glow?

In the finale, Cringer gets powered up as Battle Cat and throws Beast Man over the castles bridge. Yet we don’t know what happened to him. Lyn, when she’s redeemed, isn’t even seen trying to find her buddy after he was so kind to her. It’s also never revealed if Scare Glow went back to Sub ternia with the other souls as Lyn reversed her wicked ways, which is odd as he cuts such a powerful, intimidating figure.

Why Could Lyn Alone Save Orko?

When Lyn banishes folks to Subternia to make amends, she holds Orko back and grants him a second chance at life. But seeing as Teels the guardian of the power  she should be able to do that. The fact that she can’t and bids Or ko goodbye while Lyn pulls him home is quite conflicting and keeps muddying the waters as to who controls Grays kulls magic.

Who Does Teela Love?

Part 1 suggested she and Andra were inching closer to a relationship. However,Part 2 ends with Teela as the new Sorceress, living outside the castle and wanting Adam with her. They re blushing and holding hands, leaving fans wondering if Andras even in the picture anymore as Teela didn’t even celebrate her becoming a Man-at-Arms.

Why Didn’t Lyn Pay For Her Sins?

Evil Lyn becomes a hero in Masters of the Universe Lyn ends up in the forest leaving her scepter behind for a life of peace. However,it s not known why she isn’t in jail or working off her sinful past in Eterno. Her actions with Skeletor or by herself killed many heroes, so it odd she gets a free pass to live in harmony. There not even a discussion with King Rand or and Co. suggesting they ll be keeping an eye on her.

Why Did Teela Believe In Adam?

As Teela and Adam reconcile, she admits she always believed in him and never lost hope. However, this disputes what Part 1 laid down as she hated Adam for lying about how he was He-Man, and hated magic as these secrets from Grays kull doomed Eternia. Part 2 never sheds light as to why she makes a U turn as she only wanted Adam and magic back to save the planet. There’s no real catalyst moment where Teela realizes she was wrong, because she wasn’t  Adam and Sorceress’ lies did prove her right and let Skeleton and Lyn rise up.

Why Does Lyn Make The Joker Comparison?

Skeleton and God Lyn in Masters of the Universe As Lyn betrays Skeletons, she says she tired of his obsession with He Man. She sick how he can’t or won’t kill He Man because the hero completes him, clearly poking fun at Mark Hamill’s Joker and his Batman rivalry. The problem is, Skeleton did try to kill He-Man multiple times. Sure, he might suck at it, but he does want his rival dead so Lyn dramatic words are dead wrong. The entire 10-episode first season of Masters of the Universe Revelation is now available on Netflix.

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