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Harry Potter 8 Times Natural Talent Beat Hard Work

It takes a lot of hard work to be a great wizard in the Harry Potter world but some characters get by on natural talent alone.

Magic in Harry Potter is as much of a science as it is an art form. While natural magical power helps, the most accomplished wizards are typically those who have spent hundreds of hours harnessing their craft. Wizards live longer than humans, so true experts like Dumbledore can theoretically spend over a century practising their spells.Nonetheless, the effect of natural wizarding power cannot be downplayed. Some people have a talent for magic that puts them on a far higher starting base than others and this talent can prove to outweigh the benefits of hard work in Harry Potter but not always.

8 Harry’s Second Confrontation With Voldemort

The climax of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone sees Harry come face to face with main villain Voldemort, who possesses the body of Professor Quirrell. After being forced to retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry is attacked by Quirrell.Although never the most fearsome of wizards Quirrell’s use of nonverbal magic makes it clear that in a traditional duel, he would effortlessly demolish the eleven year old Harry. Trying to grab him, however triggers the protective charm over Harry to repel Voldemort’s touch killing Quirrell despite his years of experience.

7 Molly Weasley Killing Bellatrix, A Powerful Death Eater

It is hinted numerous times throughout Harry Potter that Molly Weasley is a far more powerful witch than she is given credit for. Aside from using magic to run an entire home effortlessly she is also from the talented Prewett bloodline, with her brothers famed for their heroic last stand against Death Eaters.When Bellatrix Helena Bonham Carter attempts to kill Molly’s daughter Ginny Molly engages her in a duel. Bellatrix is from a powerful family as well and has shown herself to be able to resist spells from Dumbledore and has far more practise in duels. Nonetheless Molly’s sheer power alongside her rage sees Bellatrix overcome.

6 Harry Killing The Basilisk With A Sword

It is not always natural talent in magic that saves the day in Harry Potter. The ending of Chamber of Secrets sees Harry forced into a fight with the basilisk, the creature that has spent a year terrorising all of Hogwarts, that can kill with a glance. Even after the basilisk’s eyes are torn out, the creature is able to follow Harry by sound, and can attack with venomous fangs.With Voldemort in possession of his wand, Harry’s only weapon is the sword of Godric Gryffindor, which he draws from the Sorting Hat. Although swordplay is not taught at Hogwarts and the basilisk is an apex magical predator, Harry’s natural talents allow him to slay it albeit nearly at the cost of his own life.

5 Harry Conjuring A Patronus With Minimal Practise

The Patronus Charm is one of the most difficult spells in the Harry Potter universe. Not only does it require a high level of magical ability, but a certain mindset and the emotional & mental strength to maintain a happy memory in the face of a Dementor’s psychological assault.Many powerful and learned wizards can only conjure a shield that repels Dementors. After a minimal number of training sessions and in a desperate moment, Harry is able to cast a fully powered Patronus saving his own life and that of Sirius Black.

4 Neville Killing Nagini In Deathly Hallows

Harry isn’t the only Gryffindor student capable of drawing the sword of Gryffindor. Theoretically, any member of the house who is acting in accordance with its tenets of bravery, nerve, and chivalry could do so if their motivation is heroic.In the final stages of the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry occupies Voldemort, while Hermione and Ron are pursued by Nagini. Their spells unable to harm it Neville appears with the sword, having drawn it from the Sorting Hat and decapitates the snake. Although he has never been the most accomplished wizard, Neville’s natural bravery and sheer reflex makes Voldemort truly vulnerable.

3 Harry’s Defense Against The Dark Arts

There is no denying that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are accomplished Wizards. When it comes to their lessons, however, Hermione is unquestionably a better student than either paying more attention and consistently outperforming them in schoolwork and theory.When it comes to their Ordinary Wizarding Levels, however, Harry scores an Outstanding, while Hermione only gets an Exceeds Expectations. Although Harry has doubtlessly studied Hermione has done moreso and yet Harry’s natural abilities in fighting dark magic see him outperform her.

2 The Magic Of Every Young Wizard

Much of the education for young wizards and witches in Harry Potter involves teaching students to control their magic to get the desired effects. Even without this education, most wizards are capable of using magic instinctively, to sometimes devastating effect like Neville accidentally hurling his professor across the room. In many ways, this magic exceeds what they will produce deliberately for a number of years. It doesn’t require a wand, or words, and its effects are more powerful than the simple charms learned in early education. Hard work will eventually surpass what a wizard can do instinctively but not for a long time.

1 Harry’s Skill On A Broomstick

A member of the Quidditch team and eventually its campaign Harry has spent countless hours of his life practising to fly. Only holding his broom for the first time, Harry responds when Draco throws away Neville’s Remembrall mounting the broom and flying after it. His natural talent was enough to impress Professor McGonagall, who had him join the Quidditch team despite his young age.

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