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Avatar The Last Air bender Iroh Actor Reveals Facial Hair For Netflix Series

Paul Sun Hyung Lee Uncle Iroh look for Netflix Avatar The Last Air bender series has begun to take shape the actor reveals in a new video.

Paul Sun Hyung Lee star of Netflixs upcoming Avatar The Last Air bender series reveals the start of his Iroh facial hair in a new video. Though the original animated Avatar remains immensely popular Netflix is in the midst of adapting it into live action form. Positioned as a re imagining of the original series the new Avatar is on the verge of kicking off production. Recent months have seen its cast get filled out; newcomers Gordon Cornier KIA wentiio  and Ian Ousley will play the core trio of Aang Katara, and Sokka while Dallas Liu has been cast as their enemy turned eventual friend Prince Zuke.

Most recently  Lee boarded Avatar The Last Air bender as Uncle Iroh a pivotal character in the original series. Once a fearsome Fire Nation general Iroh serves as a nurturing mentor and father figure to his nephew Zuko. On the animated show he was voiced by Mako until his death in 2006 Greg Baldwin took over from there. Lee  best known for playing Appa on the Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience has been warmly welcomed by Avatar fans and Baldwin, and there much interest in seeing how he will put his own spin on the part. As Avatar production is drawing steadily closer the cast has shown signs of prepping for their closeups. In Lee case  that involves getting his facial hair ready for Irohs distinctive look. He debuted his new style on his YouTube channel Bitters sian dude Inc. on Monday as part of a special Star Wars unboxing. You can see a picture of it down below.

Paul Sun Hyung Lee Avatar Iroh facial hair

As Lee explained in the video, this isn’t the complete design for Iroh; the hair and makeup team still has more work to do to completely transform him into the character. Still, Lee already seems to approve of what in store for him as he said that when he saw the full Iroh look I cried  He isnt the only Avatar star who is getting ready to appear on the show; Cormier recently shaved his head so he could play Aang and Fire Lord actor Daniel Dae Kim has shared a behind the scenes peek at his own prep. Lee casting as Uncle Iroh was met with overwhelming approval online, and it exciting to see him getting ready for the start of filming. Iroh is easily one of the most beloved Avatar The Last Air bender characters out there, and it important that the Netflix show get him right in order to win over fans of the original. Lee feels like an excellent choice and with a few more hair related adjustments, he ll even look the part. Well, more so than he already does. This is just the beginning of all that’s to come from Netflix Avatar

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