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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Worst Things That Happened To Caroline

From control freak, to disciplined vampire, Caroline Forbes changed a lot in her time on The Vampire Diaries – and suffered a lot along the way.

But it isn’t always smooth sailing. Life as a supernatural being brings a lot of pain and suffering into anyone’s life – and Caroline is no exception.

Her Mother Rejecting Her As A Vampire

Caroline and her mom Liz have a fraught relationship in the early seasons. As the sheriff, Liz is always busy, which makes Caroline think she cares more about her job than her own daughter. Then there’s the fact that Liz hates vampires, and is a member of the Founders’ Council responsible for rounding up and eradicating them.

This sets them up for disaster when Caroline transitions in season two. Despite her best efforts to hide it, Liz finds out in the end and is repulsed by her own daughter. Caroline is devastated and compels her to forget. However, Liz ends up finding out again later that season, and plots against her. The pair grow past this – and the secret eventually makes their relationship stronger – but it’s still painful.

Stefan Abandoning Her For Three Years

Fans are divided on whether Stefan and Caroline are soulmates. One of the many low points in their relationship comes in season 7 when Stefan is shown to have disappeared for three years with Valerie.

It may have been necessary due to the Hunter’s Mark that rendered him a target for Rayna Cruz, but it still doesn’t make it any easier for Caroline. She’s furious and deeply hurt by his absence, outright ignoring him when he does return. Three years is a long time, and it isn’t a wound she can forgive too easily.

Giving Birth To Gemini Twins

Josie and Lizzie are a one-in-a-million blessing for Caroline. As a vampire, it should be impossible for her to procreate. However, the Gemini Coven transplants the twins into her womb by magic after their biological mother, Jo, is stabbed to death at her own wedding.

Nothing makes Caroline happier than her kids, and she loves them more than anything. But the fact they’re Gemini Twins brings a lot of pain. Not only are they easy victims for villains like Rayna or Seline, but she has to grapple with the fact that they’re destined to perform the Merge – a magical ritual that’ll end in one of their deaths. Being an immortal parent to mortal children is traumatic enough without this burden to bear.

Losing Stefan Just After Their Wedding

Caroline and Stefan’s slow-burn romance comes to a climax in season eight with their wedding. After all the obstacles they’ve faced – the latest of which is Stefan becoming human and doubting their entire relationship – it’s the happiest day of Caroline’s life.

However, it soon turns sour. Katherine returns to burn down Mystic Falls with hellfire. Stefan sacrifices himself to save them all – but never gets a proper chance to say goodbye. Caroline has to send her final message to him over voicemail, while Stefan passes his on via Elena. It’s a heartbreaking end to any romance – especially one as hard-won as Steroline.

Her Mother’s Death

The evolution of Caroline and Liz’s relationship is severely underrated. In the beginning, Caroline is a typically antagonistic teenager. Once Liz discovers her secret, they grow extremely close, with Caroline going out of her way to spend as much time with her as possible, especially once Liz is diagnosed with cancer.

What makes this even more painful is the fact that, unlike most injuries or ailments, vampire blood can’t cure her. Despite all her best efforts, Caroline – the ultimate control freak – has zero control over her mother’s fate. She struggles to cope in the aftermath, turning off her humanity. It’s one of the saddest storylines in the entire show, and the only thing that ever truly causes Caroline to spiral.

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