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Supernatural: 5 Things About Dean Winchester That Have Aged Poorly

Dean Winchester is generally considered to be the most popular character from the series, with Jensen Ackles’ portrayal seen as an iconic part of TV history by the fans. However, Dean’s decisions and the way he carried himself have perhaps aged the worst in the latest era of TV, and it’s interesting to see things about him that won’t fly today.

5 Dean’s Tendency To Mock Supernatural Fans

Supernatural fans tend to go wild over any kind of criticism they might receive, even toward the show’s actors. Within the show, Dean wasn’t a fan of Chuck’s fictionalized Supernatural books that garnered a strong fandom and would insult anyone who enjoyed the series.

Real-life followers of the show have built up a huge amount of fan fiction, and become an incredible community unto themselves. Watching episodes where Dean calls out fan-created subtexts as fake generally don’t sit well with viewers these days because they feel insulted where earlier it was seen as a joke.

4 Dean’s Excuses Toward John’s Parenting

Quite a few of Dean’s saddest quotes in Supernatural are related to his recollection of times spent with John, whom he continued to see as a good father. While John definitely loved Dean and canonically never outright mistreated his son, fans’ opinion of him has majorly diminished in the years since John’s demise.

To this end, viewers are unimpressed with Dean’s excuses over why John was a good father, as fans largely focus on how John trained Dean to be a hunter when he was only 5-years-old. The rise of awareness around children growing up in hostile environments has also led to fans speculating that Dean is in denial over John’s bad parenting.

3 Dean’s Habit Of Treating Castiel As A Pushover

While the majority of the fanbase is convinced that Dean and Castiel were in love, it’s also become glaring to them how Dean mistreats the angel. He would boss Castiel around all the time, to the point where he kicked Castiel out of the bunker without even giving him a reason.

Viewers today don’t enjoy one-sided relationships and want to see dynamics where each character earns the love of the other. Dean’s bad behavior toward Castiel makes the latter out to be sympathetic while Dean himself seems like more of a jerk.

2 Dean’s Lack Of Character Development In Later Seasons

There’s no doubt that Supernatural taught some valuable life lessons through Dean in the earlier seasons about family and love, but the character became repetitive in later seasons. The rise of streaming shows with minimal episodes has made viewers used to constant character development over filler episodes, so Dean comes across as a stagnant person.

He kept repeating the same mistakes in the show’s latter half, such as trusting the wrong people, blaming his own friends, and resorting to drinking his troubles away. Fans who followed Dean on a weekly basis found him compelling, but the ones who binge-watch the series now might feel he’s just going through the motions.

1 Dean’s Habit Of Punching Sam When He’s Enraged

Making things physical was considered a “manly” character trait for someone like Dean back in the day, as he would punch people who ticked him off. Sam was the person who got punched the most, with Dean knocking him down at least once a season, usually out of annoyance rather than an actual conflict between them.

Viewers today don’t take kindly to physical abuse, especially when it’s dished out by an older sibling to their younger one. Dean’s habit now appears to be rash and mean-spirited, with Sam coming across as something of a victim who didn’t have it in him to stand up to his dominating brother.

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