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Outlander Season 6 opening credits revealed: Check out the changes

Every season, the opening credits change slightly to fit the themes and tones of the seasons. Check out the Outlander Season 6 opening credits.

The season credits don’t just change in terms of footage used. Of course, changing the footage is important to connect to the season and highlight some important and beautiful moments. The song used is changed slightly. We’ve had French themes added for the first half of Outlander Season 2, and there were Jamaican tones during the third season. It’s not surprising that we’re getting a change to the song for Outlander Season 6. I’ll admit that I much prefer this one to the previous two seasons. The fourth to me sounded like a lot of noise at the end and it just didn’t work at all. The fifth season has been my least favorite. Sure, both credits fit the tones of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them! I adore the sixth season credits, though.

Outlander Season 6 opening credits
Just take a look at the credits below. You’ll hear two voices. Raya Yarbrough is still the female voice you hear, and the male voice is Griogair Labhruidh. What do you think. I love the harmonies brought in with the two voices. I also love that having a male sing and the words change to lad certainly suggests that there’s more to do with one or more of the males on the series. It feels like it’s going to be Roger considering the story to come for him, but we do have Jamie Fergus and Young Ian.The opening credits also include some scenes from the upcoming season. There are a few that stand out for me. Brianna has matches, which means we’ll get to see her put her engineering skills to work again, and I can’t wait for that! There’s also the building of a church, which we know from the books is connected to Roger’s storyline.

There is Marsali sitting at a spinning wheel, and there’s a clip with seven horses with people rushing across the sand. It looks like Jamie on Gideon at the front, and I’m assuming Claire, Brianna, and Roger are there. I can see what looks to be Native Americans, and there is a clip earlier in the credits of a Native American who doesn’t look like Young Ian. This Thanksgiving gift certainly has me more excited for the new season. What do you think of the Outlander Season 6 opening credits. What scenes stood out the most for you. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Outlander Season 6 premieres on Sunday, March 6 at 8 by 7c on STARZ.

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