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Another One Bites the Dust Find Out the Second Character to Get Killed on Riverdale This Season

There’s another one down in the alternate universe of Rivervale. Find out whose number is up on Riverdale.

Riverdale’s gang is getting a lot smaller this season. On Nov. 23 episode Chapter Ninety Seven Ghost Stories starts with a fight between the Serpents and the Ghoulies, which leads to Toni Vanessa Morgan killing Darla’s son Danny by accident. The guilt is bad, but not as bad as the revenge that is coming her way. Riverdale the town has turned into Rivervale, or rather Murder Town U.S.A.

Season six has another new character, La Llorona, a spirit who drowns children. When the vengeful ghost comes after Toni’s baby Anthony, the mother is desperate to protect him. Things get really weird when Toni and Cheryl Madelaine Petsch holds a séance to speak to La Llorona, who reveals that she was a maternity nurse who got blamed for the town’s high infant mortality rate and was drowned by the townsfolk. Darla summoned her to punish Toni for killing Danny.Toni tries to apologize to Darla, but there is no stopping La Llorona. Pleading to save her baby, Toni will take the place of the ghost in her miserable state of limbo. Toni’s sacrifice turns her into the new Llorona and she leaves Betty Lili Reinhart to take care of Anthony before walking into the water in her now ghostlike form. We certainly don’t remember this happening in the original comic books, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Riverdale fans who watched main character Archie KJ Apa die at the start of the season.In a TVLine interview Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa clarified that this new season is in reality a five-episode TV event that stands apart from the regular time line in the titular town, calling the new episodes serialized. He added That’s only the start of the body count for Rivervale.

Elsewhere in town, things are getting just as spooky. Jughead Cole Sprouse discovers that the new apartment he shares with Tabitha Erinn Westbrook was the site of an infamous murder suicide.The revelation inspires him to write a book about the tragedy but leaves Tabitha with nightmares about their new home.The couple gets roommates ghosts Sam and Diane, a former boyfriend girlfriend who died in that infamous crime, with Diane bashing in Sam’s head with a hammer before hanging herself. At night Tabitha doesn’t sleep and count sheep but instead dreams about bashing Jughead over the head with a hammer. How cozy.

Be sure to check out Riverdale on The CW. Just leave the lights on when you do it.

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