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Angelina Jolie Wore a 7 Grand Coat by a Luxury Brand That’s on Rarely on Sale

Welcome to Look of the Day, where we comb through every celebrity outfit from the past 24 hours and feature the single most conversation-worthy ensemble.

Angelina Jolie could teach a master class on how to look expensive without looking too expensive. That might not sound like it makes any sense, but if you look at her outfits closely, you’ll see what we mean. She always looks put together in a timeless, luxurious way, but not so much so that it feels unapproachable. It likely helps that she frequently mixes in extremely expensive designer pieces with brands like Everlane, her go-to for basics.

While out in California this weekend, Jolie pulled another one of those put-together-without-being too-stuffy outfits, except the overall price tag was extremely expensive. She wore the oversized satchel bag that Amal Clooney is a fan of, and her satchel was a Loro Piana Sezia Bag that goes for nearly $3,000 on resale sites. Thankfully, you can score an oversized satchel or tote on sale right now at Nordstrom for as little as $39.

Her trench coat may look deceptively simple but it’s actually by Max Mara, a brand famous for its luxury coats that cost thousands of dollars. Jolie’s is by far one of the most expensive we’ve come across, and is the Max Mara Ludmilla reversible coat from the anniversary collection. It retails for just under $7,000, which is a far cry from the price tag of her under-$150 Everlane trench coat. It’s so expensive, Nordstrom doesn’t even carry it.

Right now at Nordstrom, the most expensive Max Mara coat available is $4,600. On the other hand, the most affordable is an on-sale option for $368. As it turns out, Nordstrom is having a Cyber Monday discount on many luxury Max Mara pieces, and prices start at just under $150. This is an extremely rare sale for a brand that doesn’t often get discounted, and it’s the perfect excuse to indulge without the guilt.

So while we’ll leave the expensive outfit expertise to Angelina Jolie, we’ll dabble just a little. With prices like these, it’s hard not to. Especially because this is truly the best way to look expensive without having to try (or spend) that much. That’s what Jolie would want, right?

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