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Why Young Sheldon Can’t Fix The Big Bang Theory’s Original Plot Hole

Young Sheldon has resolved some plot holes, but there’s no way it would be able to rectify the spin-off’s original The Big Bang Theory inconsistency.

As its spin off series, Young Sheldon has the ability to explain certain confusing elements in its parent series but it’s unable to solve The Big Bang Theory’s original plot hole. Debuting in 2017 the prequel spin-off tackles Sheldon’s Jim Parsons life in Texas with his family before his time in Pasadena. Young Sheldon is meant to function as supplementary storytelling for The Big Bang Theory. While it doesn’t always honor the reality’s established canon, it has been utilized to expand on some of the most interesting quirks and oddities of Sheldon.

It’s no secret that the spin off tends to create than answer plot holes in relation to The Big Bang Theory. For starters, Young Sheldon has a very different depiction of Sheldon’s family, particularly his dad, George Cooper Lance Barber. In the original sitcom, he was described as an irresponsible drunk who didn’t care about his kids. But in its prequel, he’s a decent man who’s devoted to his wife and kids. However, in recent years, CBS has started to be more careful with Young Sheldon’s storytelling to establish stronger narrative ties to The Big Bang Theory. For example, it revealed why Sheldon really hated engineering and mocked Howard Simon Helberg for being an engineer all the time. The offshoot also explained why the socially inept genius liked using the word coitus instead of sex.
But, there’s a limit to what Young Sheldon can do with regard to being a supplementary show for The Big Bang Theory. For what it’s worth, it hasn’t even figured out a way to reconcile the sitcoms’ different versions of George. While the prequel has admitted that the Cooper patriarch wasn’t as bad as he was painted to be in the original show, it’s also currently laying the groundwork for his cheating scandal. Another plotline that Young Sheldon won’t be able to fix is its parent series’ original plot hole. In The Big Bang Theory season 1 episode 3 titled The Fuzzy Boots Corollary Sheldon was seen with an energy drink while playing Jenga with Howard and Raj Kunal Nayyar. However in later seasons, Sheldon was against it. In fact, The Big Bang Theory season 10, episode 3 titled “The Dependence Transcendence even made a big deal out of it as he dreamed of the Flash convincing him to drink his first energy drink.

To make matters more complicated, in The Big Bang Theory season 2, episode 2 titled The Codpiece Topology season 4 episode 7 titled The Apology Insufficiency and season 8 episode 13, titled The Anxiety Optimization it was mentioned that Sheldon had Red Bull before. It’s possible that in these outings, the show was referring to the season 1 episode where Sheldon was spotted having an energy drink. However, the beverage brand was different he was drinking a Monster instead of a Red Bull. Considering the many times that the initial idea of Sheldon not drinking energy drinks was contradicted in The Big Bang Theory, it’s nearly impossible that CBS would be able to find a way for Young Sheldon to explain this. Instead, it’s better that they just leave it at that rather than try to acknowledge and fix it. While fans can be harsh on Young Sheldon for going against the established canon, it’s safe to say that they would be more understanding with regard to its inability to fix this particular plot hole. After all, this inconsistency was created by The Big Bang Theory which contradicted itself. The chances are that the offshoot would just ignore it in any case, it can focus on Sheldon’s other quirks.

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