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‘Good Witch’: What Does GAC Family’s Bill Abbott Say About Saving Series?

Former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott and his new network, GAC Family have lately been in the news. Not only has his new network brought back Lori Lough in, and Daniel Lissing, it has also saved When Hope Calls. So, it is of no surprise that Goodies are now hoping that the new network could save Good Witch.What does Abbott say about reviving the recently canceled Good Witch?

Could GAC Family Save Good Witch?

Right before the last episode of Good Witch Season 7, Hallmark announced that they were canceling the long running series. This was a shocker to Goodies, but perhaps not so much for the stars. On Facebook Live, they revealed that they filmed two different endings. Thus, they knew that the series could very possibly end. But is Good

Witch gone forever?

However, now that GAC Family is in the picture, Goodies are hoping that perhaps former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott could revive another show on his new network. He was responsible for the When Hope Calls revival. Why not bring back the Middleton gang? Unfortunately for Goodies, that is not a current possibility. Speaking to Next TV, he did not discount the possibility, but his new network is not at the place they need to be to revive the series. That was certainly a great series and James Denton and Catherine Bell were terrific in it. We would certainly love to entertain that, but we’re not at that point yet.Moreover, there are those pesky details, such as rights. He was not sure about that status. However, he certainly seemed open to the idea of bringing the feel-good series back. If there’s any good content that’s familyfriendly we are open for business for sure.

GAC Family Focused On Family Friendly Programming
Unfortunately for Good Witch fans, GAC Family is currently focused on creating a lot of great Christmas content. Their 2021 theme of 12 Movies of Christmas, includes an array of Christmas movies, with a lot of familiar faces. That includes Jen Lillley and Trevor Donovan.Abbot shares that We believe that we understand better than anybody, quite frankly, how to produce a quality Christmas movie and that ultimately, quality content wins and viewers find it. Right now, the network is focused on building its brand. Once they get enough viewers, they can expand from there.

Good Witch Catalog Now On Hallmark Now
Currently, Goodies can watch the Good Witch series and movies on Hallmark Now. As for a future movie, Hallmark is not committing to anything right now. They have shared that they plan on continuing their relationship with stars

James Denton and Catherine Bell.

Thankfully, both are in holiday movies, but not on the same network. Bell just filmed a Lifetime Christmas movie. As for James Denton, he has reunited with Teri Watcher for Hallmark’s A Kiss Before Christmas.As for now, Goodies have oodles of Good Witch movies and seven seasons to rehash and enjoy. Georgia Marital has been a freelance writer for 14 years. She enjoys writing about Hallmark, Lifetime, GAC British Series, as well as Netflix series like Emily In Paris, The Wittier, Lucifer, and anything Austen. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking and learning about Pr Preliterate art.

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