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BBC Shetland Everything you need to know ahead of Tonights Series 6 Finale

With thrilling BBC crime drama Shetland set to wrap up for another year on Wednesday night, we’ve rounded up all the information that fans needs to know ahead of the finale.

It seems like just yesterday that Shetland returned to our screens for its sixth series following a two-and-a-half-year gap, but tonight the latest storyline of the thrilling BBC show will reach its conclusion.What began as the murder of a local lawyer evolved into a series of crimes over the first five episodes of the series, with a huge list of potential suspects.DI Jimmy Perez Douglas Henshall also had to contend with a mole inside his own team, who leaked confidential information to the press.Outlander looking to hire Scots crew as work begins on season 7. The new episodes have been a hit with fans, who have called the latest series the show’s best yet and the stage is set for a thrilling conclusion on Wednesday night.Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the final episode of Shetland’s sixth series.

The murder
The main plot of any series of Shetland follows Perez and his crew trying to solve a murder on the island, and series 6 involved perhaps the hardest case for them to solve yet.Episode one saw local lawyer Alex Galbraith shot and killed after answering the door in his home, and the last six weeks have seen Perez Alison Tosh MacIntosh Alison O’Donnell and Sandy Wilson Steven Robertson narrowing down the long list of suspects. As if one murder wasn’t enough, the first episode ended with pipeline worker Eamon Gauldie killed onboard his boat, after it was shown he was flying a drone around Galbraith’s house at the time he was killed suggesting that whoever killed Galbraith knew that the footage on the drone would implicate them.The big revelation at the end of the fifth episode was that Marieanne Ross a woman that Galbraith was paid to track down after she went missing was killed at a party that Galbraith among others were attending, and they covered up her death to make it look like she ran away from home. As for suspects, there are almost too many to name, but here are a few of the most likely candidates.

Niven Guthrie is a well known businessman on Shetland who has some shady connections he’s also managing Galbraith’s wife Eve’s election campaign. It was revealed in episode five that he was at the party where Marieanne was killed.

Lynn Richardson appeared earlier in series 6 as Sister Caroline, a nun at religious sanctuary that Galbraith frequently visited. However, it was revealed in episode five that her real name is Lynn Richardson, and she was Marieanne’s best friend. Lynn was also at the party where she was killed.

Darren Bedford is the husband of Fiona, a colleague of Galbraith who he was having an affair with. He had been using an app to track her phone and was likely aware of the two’s affair before he said he was to Perez. Additionally, Darren was also at the ill fated party. We wouldn’t rule out Fiona either!

Duncan might be in trouble
As usual, Jimmy’s friend and his daughter’s biological father Duncan found himself in trouble in series 6, but this time he might have gone a step too far.Following the return of his former lover Donna Killick Fiona Bell the murderer back in series 4, who was allowed to return to Shetland on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with a terminal illness Duncan allowed her to wrangle him into a serious criminal offence.The series’ fifth episode saw Donna emotionally blackmail Duncan into killing her by giving her an overdose of her medication, in order to avoid being relocated to a hospice in Aberdeen.What may have sealed Duncan’s fate is that before he committed the deed, he posted off a letter for Donna to her solicitor. She told him that it was her final will, but it could just have easily have implicated him in her death as a final act of revenge for her earlier arrest.
Sandy could be headed for the sack
After he was suspended in series 5 for allowing a suspect to commit suicide under his watch Sandy Steven Robertson may finally lose his job for good following the revelation that he had been leaking confidential crime scene photos to the press.Tosh found out in the fourth episode, but was asked by Sandy not to turn him in when she confronted him about it.It remains to be seen whether Tosh will report Sandy’s offence, or look the other way if she does, she may well be putting her job at risk too.
Will there be a seventh series of Shetland
Good news for Shetland fans a seventh series hasn’t only been confirmed, but it’s already being filmed. A date for its premiere hasn’t been set yet but fans can rest assured that they very likely won’t have to wait another two and a half years for new episodes.

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