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Ted Lasso: One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Ted Lasso has some of TV’s most well-written characters and they all have at least one quote that kind of explains who they are.

The writing on the series is top-notch, evidenced by the multiple Emmy nominations it scored in that department. Each of the main characters gets to spout fantastic dialogue and in a lot of cases, there are at least a few lines that explain a lot about their personality.

Nate Shelley

“God, This Place Is So Posh. Feel Like I’m Not Supposed To Be Here.”

Nate Shelley transforms from arguably the most likable character on Ted Lasso to a villain by the end of season 2. A lot of that character development stems from the fact that Nate never really feels like he’s good enough. He calls himself a nobody at first and though he becomes a coach, he still sees himself as kind of out of place.

This is a quote he delivers while shopping for fancy clothes with Keeley but it lines up with everything Nate feels about himself. He doesn’t think he’s worthy of being anywhere that is special and even when he’s there, he is uncomfortable with it.

Keeley Jones

“You Helped This Panda Become A Lion.”

Keeley Jones ultimately gets some of the greatest and most memorable lines of the entire series. At first, it could seem like Keeley will be just another pretty face as the model girlfriend of Jamie Tartt. However, she quickly proves to have a brilliant mind and to be quite ambitious.

With the help of her best friend Rebecca, Keeley gets a job on the team and by the season 2 finale, is offered the chance to run her own PR firm. She says this to Rebecca when the news breaks and it works to explain the friendship they have and the fact that she has moved on up in the world.

Rebecca Welton

“Sure, You Don’t Know What You’re Doing But Doesn’t That Mean That You See The Game In A Different Way Than Any Other Football Manager? And Shouldn’t That Empower You To Cause Complete And Utter Confusion?”

The trajectory of Rebecca Welton as a character is an interesting one as she goes from someone who wants Ted Lasso to ruin the team to one of his biggest supporters and best friends. This quote is actually kind of telling of how far Rebecca has come in that sense.

It doesn’t detail who she is as a person in total but it shows that not only is she supportive of Ted but that she also is successful because of how she thinks. As she advises Ted, Rebecca is different from the other owners in the league and that is why both of them do well.

Roy Kent

“It’s More Than A Game To Me. It’s All I’ve Ever Known. It’s Who I Am. It’s All I Am.”

Before he meets Keeley, Roy Kent really is just a footballer. He lives, breathes, and sleeps the game that he has played his entire life. So, it makes sense that he struggles with the fact that his career is coming to a close and he says this to Keeley.

Not only does this detail how Roy sees himself but it also explains how much he loves soccer. Of course, Keeley is there to let him know that there is actually more to him than the sport. Despite that, Roy finds his way back to the game as a pundit and coach in season 2.

Ted Lasso

“If You’re Comfortable While You’re Doing It, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong.”

As noted, Ted Lasso seems to win everyone over with his endless charm. He’s the nicest guy around and he is known to deliver the cheesiest of jokes and lines that end up being endearing to whoever he meets. Quotes like this are par for the course when it comes to Ted.

The reason that this line feels so fitting for him is the idea of not being comfortable. Ted Lasso left his college football job (which he was good at) to go to a new country and coach a sport he doesn’t fully understand. It makes him uncomfortable but clearly, he’s doing something right.

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