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Top 5 Christmas Present Harry Potter Got In The Series, Ranked

Christmas is a big part of the Harry Potter movies – and so are the gifts that he gets, including those only in the books.

Whether it’s magical items, indulgent sweets, or terrible not-gifts from the Durselys, Harry’s pile of presents on the 25th always includes some surprises! And while some items are not quite Christmas presents (like the twins giving him the Marauder’s Map for some ‘festive cheer’), these are all the gifts that are directly claimed as Christmas presents – even if he could have done without some of them!

5 Socks – Dobby (Goblet of Fire)

The first gift Dobby ever gives Harry is very symbolic – a hand-knitted pair of mismatched socks! Of course, these are a reference to the sock that Harry managed to get Lucius Malfoy to give Dobby, freeing him. They are also a sign of Dobby’s devotion to Harry – and even though he isn’t thrilled about them at the time, in terms of sentimental value, these are an incredible gift.

4 Weasley Sweater & Sweets (Every Year)

Every year, Molly Weasley sends Harry essentially the same thing – a hand-knitted sweater, and a box of some kind of sweet treat. Sometimes it’s fudge, or brittle, or cakes, but there’s always something to eat in there too. And while these aren’t necessarily the most impressive or even practical gifts, compared to others, they are representative of Harry being one of the family. For someone who feels the loss of his own family so keenly, that’s a huge thing.

3 Wooden Flute – Hagrid (Philosopher’s Stone)

Hagrid’s first gift to Harry was a wooden flute, that sounds like an owl. He obviously made it himself, and it was one of the first real gifts Harry received, which makes it valuable for sentimental reasons. However, it’s also an incredibly important gift in the books! In the original series, Harry uses this flute to put Fluffy to sleep, to get past him. It’s a moment that doesn’t make it into the movies, but that adds significant importance to the gift.

2 Firebolt – Sirius (Prisoner of Azkaban)

One of Harry’s most prized possessions is his broom – upgraded from a Nimbus to a Firebolt, thanks to Sirius! (And to the Whomping Willow, for destroying the first one.) This wasn’t technically Sirius’s first broomstick gift to Harry, either, as he gave baby Harry a toy broomstick when he was still with his parents! This link to his past, as well as the practical reasons, make this one of the best gifts Harry ever receives at Christmas.

1 Invisibility Cloak – Dumbledore (Philosopher’s Stone)

Without a doubt, the most impressive, useful, and rare gift that Harry is ever given at Christmas is his father’s invisibility cloak. It could be argued, of course, that this isn’t a gift, as it was Dumbledore passing something back to Harry that originally was intended for him, but he opens it at Christmas, so it counts! This cloak would save Harry time and time again, was instrumental in saving his life, and connects him to the history of the Wizarding World and to his own family.

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