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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Best Bonnie Bennett Quotes

As her quotes prove, Bonnie Bennett is one of the most well-rounded characters in The Vampire Diaries. Here are her best lines from the series.

Bonnie is the most well-rounded character in the series, and she knows exactly what to say in any given situation. Whether they’re words of wisdom or snarky comments, Bonnie’s quotes are some of the most memorable in The Vampire Diaries.

Bonnie Stands Up For Herself
“I’m Done Getting Pushed Around By All Of You. I Did It Because I Wanted To.”

Bonnie is more than capable of overpowering her friends, yet she chooses to let them take advantage of her. The more time that passes, the less genuine Bonnie’s relationships feel. Elena and Caroline are so caught up in their romances that Bonnie is called upon only when they want assistance.

Elena doesn’t realize Bonnie is dead until months after the fact, and while Bonnie intentionally keeps it a secret, it still doesn’t sit right. It’s obvious that something is wrong when Bonnie contacts them only through email, but no one investigates until they need Bonnie for a spell. This is, arguably, her best quote in the series, as Bonnie finally stands up for herself.

Bonnie Shades Enzo
“It’s Called Dignity. Have Some. It’s Free.”

This is one of Bonnie’s funniest lines in The Vampire Diaries because of who she’s speaking to. Bonnie and Enzo don’t fall in love right away, and while they share only a few scenes beforehand, the interactions they do have are filled with hostility and snark.

Bonnie isn’t Enzo’s biggest fan, which usually means romance is on the horizon. The show’s most beloved romances are between characters who start out as enemies, and Bonenzo is no exception. Enzo is amused by Bonnie’s attitude and never seems to take offense at her comments.

Bonnie Doesn’t Have Time For Excuses
“There’s Always A Choice. Whenever You Make One, Someone Else Suffers.”

Bonnie proves to be more intuitive at 17 years old than vampires who have centuries of wisdom and life experience. The characters refuse to take responsibility for their actions and use the stereotypical excuse that they “have no other choice.”

To be fair, the Salvatores are often backed into a corner, but Damon and Stefan still make their own decisions. They prioritize Elena over everything and everyone and choose to save her at the expense of others. The brothers always have a choice, but it’s obvious what their decision is going to be.

Bonnie Finds Unconditional Love
“I Have Always Wanted To Be Loved By Someone In The Way That You Loved Me.”

In regards to who loves her most selflessly, Enzo is Bonnie’s best love interest in The Vampire Diaries. The series spends most of its time focusing on Elena’s and Caroline’s romances, with Bonnie’s appearing lackluster in comparison.

She does have her moments with Jeremy, but he makes it clear by cheating on her that his heart has always been with Anna. Bonnie deserves better than being someone’s second choice, and she finally gets her own epic love story when she falls for Enzo.

Bonnie Wants Damon To Choose Her
“I’m Not OK With You Choosing Yourself, And I’m Not OK With Never Seeing You, My Best Friend, Ever Again.”

Bonnie always puts the needs of others over the needs of herself, which is why it’s particularly painful when Damon abandons her. He chooses the coward’s way out and decides to spend Bonnie’s life desiccating so he won’t have to go another day without Elena.

Bonnie and Damon are more than best friends at this point, as they share one of the most profound bonds in the series. In past seasons, Bonnie encourages others to do what’s best for them, even if she pays a personal cost. By making her wants and needs clear, Bonnie displays how much she’s grown.

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